PA Nurses is Seeking Volunteer Candidates to Sit on an Environmental Nursing Health T

  1. pa nurses is seeking volunteer candidates to sit on an environmental nursing health task force

    the pa state nurses association is creating an environmental nursing health task force. this task force will review environmental concerns and what nurse's roles are and the types of patient safety initiatives required.
    this task force will be convened to look at ways to most appropriately address environmental health concerns through prevention activities, education, awareness, collaboration and coordination of services.

    we need volunteers. please click here and let us know of your interest: environmental nursing health task force
    deadline: thursday, november 30, 2006

    please feel free to contact me:
    betsy m. snook, m.ed, bsn, rn
    executive administrator pa state nurses association
    tel: 1-888-707-7762 ext. 200
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