New Grad In Desperate Need Of Some Advice!!!!!!!

  1. Hi everyone,
    I graduated in May and passed the Boards in Aug:spin:, but I still haven't been able to find a job. I live in West Chester, and have applied for positions at Chester County Hospital, Mainline Hospital (any location), and Christiana Care...was also going to apply @ Crozier; however, I was informed by my future mother-in-law (RN there in Maternal/Newborn) that they have a current freeze on external hiring. I really have a desire to work in the Maternal/Newborn, L&D, Neonatal, or Pediatric areas and have considered applying to CHOP or AI Dupont and was looking for some additional info on either of these two hospitals with regards to working evironment, support of new grad licensed RN's, pay rates etc. Also, would like to know if the commute to the city and city wage taxes are worth it. I know that I'll be rewarded by practicing in a field that I love, just wondering if financial compensation would be comparable to hospitals located outside of the city (where I wouldn't pay Phila city wage taxes b/c I don't live in the city). Anyone working or who has worked at either of these hospitals, I strongly value and appreciate any info or advice that you have to offer!!!!!!!!! Thanks, Michelle
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  3. by   adamsmom
    Sorry you are having a hard time. I graduate this May. Did you talk to the nurse recruiter at Chester County? I would keep calling and ask if they are hiring, I heard they hired 2 recent grads, but they started in the summer. How about Lancaster General? I know of 2 more students that were hired there and they live in Chester County too.
    Good Luck
  4. by   1aquarianRN
    Thanks, Adamsmom.
    Yes, Chester County Hospital was the first place I applied because I graduated from the Chester County section of DCCC and did most of my clinicals there. I called several times and left messages for both Sean and the new HR rep for the nursing dept Patti Birch, but no replies. I even walked in hoping to speak with them but they were busy and the secretary left them a memo. A couple of my friends were hired and started in the summer, one even started in Sept. I found out the hard way that alot of hospitals, including CChosp, Mainline, etc., only like to hire new grads twice a year, usually around April-May for summer start and Nov-Dec for start time in Jan-Feb. Hopefully something open up before I start forgetting all that have learned. Good luck to you, make sure you attend some job fairs and apply early!! :spin:
  5. by   GabrielasMadre
    Hello. Don't get discouraged. Sometimes when you first graduate you have to take what you can get even if you don't want it. For example, when I graduated (11 years ago:-), I had to work in Med-Surg. I did it for 3 months and then moved on. Some hospitals just want to see some experience on your resume. Don't give up. If you can hold out and not work until you get what you want, do it. Otherwise, take what you can get for now. Network and make connections.

    Good Luck!!
  6. by   codi1226
    Wow, I'm sorry you are having trouble I am thinking of applying to DCCC's nursing program this coming or next fall. Why do you think it is difficult for you to find a job? Does Chester County Hospital only hire a few new grads at time? This worries me a little, because I was hoping to get a job right out of nursing school...
  7. by   1aquarianRN
    Hi codi1226,
    I wouldn't be too worried because you haven't started the nursing program yet, so you have plenty of time to prepare. Please learn from my mistakes and listen to my advice! First of all, get a job as an aide or tech while your in school, if at all possible, this will be a plus on your resume especially if it's with the hospital that you're applying to. In addition, it will help you to become more familiar with the hospital setting and more comfortable with patient contact. Secondly, pay close attention to what content and clinical areas you like or dislike because this will help you figure out what area of nursing you should persue. And lastly, get your resume together, attend job fairs, and send your resume out early in your senior (last) year!! Nursing can be a very rewarding career, so don't let my experience discourage you! The problem for me was that throughout nursing school everyone kept saying that I would basically be able to pick any job I wanted. However, they failed to mention that the planning process must begin early. I hope this will help you, as you begin to persue a career in Nursing!! LOL, :spin:
  8. by   codi1226
    Thanks so much for your help. I will look into tech positions as soon as I (hopefully) am accepted into DCCC's program. I will also apply early!! I was wondering if you knew a ball park number as to how many new grads from DCCC's program Chester County Hospital hires each semester...50% or more/less? Also, are you aware of how much a new grad will make at Chester County? I know at Brandywine, new grads will make about $23/hr. to start. Again, I really appreciate your help and good luck to you!!!
  9. by   1aquarianRN
    My class had about 28-30 students that graduated in May and I think about 6 or 7 were hired by CChosp. Two of those students who started as GNs had to stop working b/c they failed the boards on their first attempt, but they may have had their positions held or been rehired once they passed (which they eventually did). The starting rate was $25. something an hour for day shift with a differential for evenings, nights, and wknds. Hope this helps!!