Need some advice...fear of unknown...

  1. Hello lovely nurses,

    Need some advice, has anyone ever worked for the Lancaster General VNA? I've been a nurse for exactly a year last Friday. I work in a busy LTC/Rehab where I'm the third shift charge nurse (I'm an LPN btw). Between problems with the managment and staff (CNAs trying to take over), and other personal reasons, I feel ready to try something new (even while I'm back in school for my RN). Though I love what I do, I need to take value in myself as a nurse and not sell myself short (Just a little venting there, haha).

    Since nursing school I've always been interested in the VNA, now they're hiring a position and I've been called for an interview this Tuesday...I'm petrified.

    I always fear the unknown and end up talking myself out of avoid this I'm hoping someone out there can offer me some advice about being a visiting nurse or an experience with the Lancaster General VNA. I also live in Berks county, so I'd be commuting on top of a commute (about 30-45min).

    Basically, I need a rational voice to avoid panic attacks before my interview!! LOL

    Any advice or words of wisdom would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Unsure nurse.
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  3. by   Crux1024
    hi! I realize this thread is slightly old, how did your interview turn out and what did you decide?

    I was fortunate enough to shadow the LGH VNA in nursing school and I loved it. I had an awesome experience. Definately a different aspect of nursing, but you are still able to use your knowledge and if you love working autonomously then this the job for you