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I am an L&D nurse at a Hospital in Western PA. It's a city hospital in Pittsburgh. I have 4 years experience in High Risk Inpatient OB. I recieved my RNC-OB certification2 years ago and I have my... Read More

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    Quote from justashooter
    WAG you are getting less than 60K? the thing is, we are in a depression right now, and have been for your entire working carreer. the only way to leverage up in such times is the same used in better times. you need to hop from job to job every 2-4 years. each time you do you should get 10-20% differential, and may top out within 3-4 moves making 130-150% of what your more "loyal" classmate is making at the same job they graduated into.

    abandonment is the most powerful tool we have in any relationship, whether business or personal. to use it best, you "kill the chicken to show the monkey" (shā jī xi hu, in chinese pinyin). leave an unimportant job on your own terms and clearly for personal advancement and growth and HR people in later, more important jobs will know that you are not to be low balled.
    I am making below 50k! I have thought about switching jobs, but L&D jobs in PGH are few and far between. I really don't want to move to a different specialty because I love L&D. But I also love being able to pay my bills... Lol