Lpn-Lokking for weekend Rn Program,Somerset County,Pa

  1. Hi Everyone,
    Im in somerset County,Pa,I work for the state,I absolutely refuse to give up my state job to go to Rn school,I am looking for Weekend Rn program,I have researched many schools,most are day programs,no good for me!

    I was looking at online nursing programs,I hear everyone frown on that,is that legal with Pa nursing Board like Excelsior college out of New York.Im looking at all thoughts and ideas! Hour and a half drive is ok,so I woud even look at towards Pittsburgh and Monroevile!
    Feel free to respond to me!
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  3. by   L&D_2b
    I'm not familiar with any local weekend RN programs. However, CCAC has distance nursing classes. I believe it is something like 40% of the class can be taken on the web. You would still have to do clinicals and lab in person. I believe they have an evening/weekend program as well. If you take all of your prerequisites up front, you would only be left with trying to take the nursing classes during the evening/weekend format. And if you took those classes as distance nursing, you would have to go to campus even less.
    I would check them out: www.ccac.edu
    Also, Shadyside has an evening program as well.
    I go to BC3 and they are still "up in the air" about their distance nursing classes. They tried to put Nursing 101 on the web last fall, but the jury is still out on whether or not to continue that format.
    Good luck!