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Hello all, After studying for 6 weeks, I finally took the PSB entrance exam today. Here's what I can tell you. It's not as hard as I thought it was going to be...BUT, I would have completely... Read More

  1. by   aburn0628
    Hi! I'm preparing to take the PSB RN entrance exam at Shadyside next week! I have been reading, studying, and also taking multiple practice exams online. I am currently a college student, a JR to be exact so I have taken algebra, A&P, English more recently. I have not taken a chem since high school 3 years ago. I am pretty nervous about the exam, I have to be in the 50%ile to get into the program. I was just wondering what your scores ended up being and how hard is it to reach the 50th? What type of science questions were there? If you remember any could you provide examples maybe from each? I know it was probably a while ago, but I don't know anyone that has taken the test so I'm hoping this helps and gives me a peace of mind because I have NO idea what to expect..I have never had to take an entrance exam.