is anyone else worried they are going to have a hard time finding a job?!?!

  1. Hey everyone!

    I'm really starting to freak out!!!! Let me know if you guys feel the same way... I graduate from nursing school in May and just started looking for jobs last week. I figure I won't apply until after the new year, but I just wanted to see what was available. So last week I went on Abington Hospital's website and saw a decent amout of vacant nursing jobs (not sure the exact number, but I think about 15) one of which was in the NICU which is where i would LOVE to work! So I just checked back on Abington's website a few minutes ago and the only RN job they have available is a research nurse!! That's it, nothing else! So I'm completely freaking out, I'm worried I'm going to have a really hard time finding a job. Does anyone have any suggestions? Anyone else feel this way?!

    Also in the summer I heard rumors that Temple Children's was closing down. However, when I was searching for RN jobs on Temple's website they have a bunch of RN positions available for the Children's ER. Does anyone know anything about working in that kind of setting? Do they hire new grads to work in a peds ER?
    Any advice would be appreciated!!
    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   llg
    Don't wait until the last minute to start applying. Talk to recruiters. Set up interviews. Etc. As part of the process, you tell them when you will be available to start working. You don't have to start the very next day. So, there is no reason to wait and watch opportunities pass you by.

    So ... get yourself out there and start actually applying instead of just worrying about it. You'll never get a job if you never actually apply.
  4. by   Lenap
    There are plenty of jobs!
    Abington Memorial Hospital has a hiring freeze right now. In November of this year they bought Warminster Hospital and had offered the available jobs to Warminster hospital nurses and staff. Warminster hospital will now only have ambulatory services, all other units are shut down.
    It never hurts to apply there ( Abington) anyway even if the job you want is not listed!
    And there are tons of jobs available at other hospitals!
    Good luck!
  5. by   dortizjr1
    Almost every hospital needs/wants med surg nurses. I know some students that had problems getting into specialty nursing, but out of the 80 people I graduated with, 95% acquired med-surg with no problem.
  6. by   dolphn545
    I agree with the others, about applying now. Even if something isn't advertised. Alot of people don't actively seek and advertise during the holidays, but if you are interested in a facility, I would say to get in there after the 1st of the year (when holiday vacations should be over) and start applying and speaking with HR now. Good Luck and Congrats on your upcoming graduation!!
  7. by   glamgalRN
    Thank you everyone for responding! I decided I'm going to start applying right after the new year as I want to make a few weeks off after graduation to prepare for NCLEX! :spin:
  8. by   dortizjr1
    Hey Glamgal,
    A lot of hospitals seem to start recruiting in earnest between april and may. Well thats how it's been in my area for the last three or four years. I'm in Berks county, but I found hospitals in Lebanon, Montgomery, bucks, chester and some of the mainline health system hospitals where the same.
  9. by   richelle362
    I'm not sure where you are exactly. I live near Pittsburgh, and there are many jobs right now. I graduated in October, 2005, and started a week later at Magee Womens Hospital in Postpartum. There are many openings in all of the UPMC hospitals. We are always short staffed. Start applying now. It doesn't hurt to interview. You may find a job that you didn't think was right for you. Postpartum was not my first choice, but I love it!
  10. by   glamgalRN
    Richelle- Thanks for responding! I actually live in Philly. My concern is that so many schools have been pumping out so many new grads, and it seems like every time I turn around another school is advertising their new accelerated program! I'm just worried the market is oversaturated right now. But maybe it's just me freaking out! Thanks!