Info on Jefferson FACT Program

  1. Hi all,

    I just met with an academic counselor at TJU over the fact program and just wanted to share some of the take-aways (all according to the counselor)...I have meetings at UPenn and Drexel as well and will share what I will be told

    1. Money for school:
    First and foremost, she said that last year, TJU gave out 50 full tuition scholarships in nursing, and 45 of those went to FACT students!

    2. Why FACT over UPenn or ACE:
    FACT is more clinical, UPenn and ACE are more research based - TJU nurses (allegedly) have more experience from day 1.

    3. Clinicals:
    FACT has the same amount of clinical time as the traditonal nursing program. FACT is 24 hours a week over 1 year, traditional is 16 hours a week over 2.
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  3. by   SerenityR.N.
    Is this for RN-BSN?
  4. by   BelleRN2B
    This is for the accelerated BSN.
  5. by   sunnyjohn

    How long of a work commitment is required for that full scholarship?

    A recent graduate for the FACT progam postes on this site. He seemed plesed with the program. One of the mods also posted the newspaper story a Philly paper did on him. It was a very good story.
  6. by   BelleRN2B
    I was told a "2-3 year" work commitment by the counselor. I asked if she knew if it was either 2 or 3 years. She mentioned that the hospital and selection committee had some discretion as to the length of commitment, but 2-3 years was the average.
  7. by   TennyLPN2B
    it's a great program, i just had a friend graduate from them in may 06, and she had a full scholarship, she now works for a Jeff hospital and will be for 2 years
  8. by   ER1010
    I graduated from the program in May 06. There is a two year commitment to work for a Jeff hospital (JEFF, JHN, Methodist) if you take the scholarship. If you have any more questions, I'm happy to help!
  9. by   soccer
    Does anyone know how long it takes TJU to send out acceptance letters for the FACT nursing program. Overall, did you like TJU FACT program? Any advice?

  10. by   mcr5051
    I was interested in applying to the FACT program and I was just wondering, for those who are already in it, how difficult it is to get accepted? I am a Health Policy and Administration major at Penn State with a minor in Biology (which hurt my GPA.. 3.11) So I wanted to know my chances of getting accepted.

  11. by   sunshine0509
    meet with Niki Kelly the average is 3.5 on prereqs I believe, this is an old tread.. their is no longer a scholarship.
  12. by   mah09
    Graduated FACT May '09 . . . the scholarships were discontinued the previous year . . . no work contracts were offered. I think the program is great, but like most new grads, I don't have a job yet.
  13. by   blondiemcd24
    Dear Mah09,

    I am hoping to apply to the FACT program for the Spring 2010. Would you recommend it? Do many students continue on for a Masters? Which hospitals were your clinicals held at?

  14. by   mah09
    Hello, Yes I would recommend the FACT program. It's excellent! Some students continued full time to get their Masters. Most students go to work full time and complete the Masters part time - then you have the added benefit of tuition assistance from your employer. It is an excellent education, and we were very well prepared for the NCLEX (most people I know passed with 75 questions - the best you can do!). There are ALOT of different clinical sites in PA and NJ (even DE). For example, Jefferson, Einstein, Temple, PAH, CHOP, Christiana, Cooper, Virtua, Friends, schools, even home care . . . . The job market is tough for new grads in Philly right now, and I wish I had worked as a Nurse Extern because they are hired first. The FACT program discouraged us from working at all (a few people did), but I would try to do it for first dibs on the jobs! Although, there are states that are desperate for RNs if you can relocate, and everybody says the Philly market has ups and downs and should recover soon.Sharon Burke is one of the key instructors, and I think she's pretty amazing, along with a lot of the other instructors. And I LOVE nursing! I wish you all the best!