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Hi all, I just met with an academic counselor at TJU over the fact program and just wanted to share some of the take-aways (all according to the counselor)...I have meetings at UPenn and Drexel... Read More

  1. by   blondiemcd24
    Hi Mah09,

    I am going to have a tour of Jefferson on Monday and am very excited.

    Thanks for getting back to me with that information. How big was your class? Is it imperative to have a car? I am wondering if going to school for 2 years -- for the masters, is a better choice, considering the job market. But, I guess I have a lot of time to decide -- and will have to figure out financing it, if I choose to do that.

    Did you live in on-campus housing? Where would you recommend to live?

    Thanks!! Have a great day!
  2. by   slickchic404
    All this info is great. How many people approximately were in your class?
  3. by   mtngal77
    Please tell me more about the full-scholarship. Is it posted through the Jefferson School of Nursing website? How would I learn more about it/apply? Thanks!
  4. by   kdrose01
    I can answer a few of these questions.

    You don't need a car. Niki said a lot of people do Philly Car Share and students share the cost of a car rental for the day to get to various clinical sites. Some you can reach by public transportation, but it depends upon where they are.

    The full scholarship has been discontinued. Jefferson used to award them to students, but the students were obligated to work for Jefferson for 3 years. Not a bad deal - an education AND a job! But they disappeared when the economy tanked.