ICTC-Steel center tech Lpn program

  1. Has anyone heard anything good or bad about this program, is there anyone who went there that can give me insight on this program. I applieed for the program and I am waiting for my one on one interview appointment day. Thanks in advance for your insights!
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  3. by   steelerfan1
    I graduated from ICTC Steel Center LPN program. We were the first class through Steel Center. There were many "bumps" in the road for us. Hopefully ICTC has learned and the second program will be improved and not have so many bumps. It is basically a good program and you will learn a lot. Just be prepared to give your full attention to the program. If you don't take it seriously, like any other schooling, you won't make it. At the first sign of trouble, get a tutor or study partner. It is not easy. Be flexible and study. Would I recommend this school? Yes but only if you're really committed. Good luck to you!
  4. by   chuckster
    I don't know what the job market for LPN's is like in the western part of the state but opportunities are very, very limited in the Phila area - and that seems to be a growing trend. LPN's are definitely in the process of being phased out of hospitals and the same is true though to lesser extent in LTC's. It would be a pity to put all of the hard work required to become a LPN only to find out at the end that your employment prospects are limited.

    Not trying to second guess your decision but this is an aspect of nursing that is hugely important for the student but that the schools are reluctant to discuss (perhaps understandably given that they need to keep enrollment up).
  5. by   chuckster
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