How Much Does Your Medical Insurance Cost?

  1. How much does your medical insurance cost? This question is directed to all healthcare workers in a hospital setting-nurses, nurse practitioners, technicians, etc.?

    I work in a for-profit hospital and believe my employer might be being a little too cheap and requiring more from its employees than the average. While on the subject of benefits, how much does your employer match your retirement contributions? Thank you for sharing. If employees know the norm, this may put pressure on the employers to be fair in providing benefits, not cheap.
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  3. by   elkpark
    It doesn't really matter what percentage of the cost of the insurance the employer is taking out of your paycheck. The full cost of the insurance is considered part of your overall "compensation package"; in terms of the "big picture," you are paying the full price, regardless -- it's just a matter of how much of the cost shows up on your paycheck stub and how much of the cost is money you've earned but never see because the employer gives it directly to the insurance company.

    I got some kind of notification from my employer that the cost of my insurance this year (I took the least expensive option, and am single with no dependents) is something around $4500. That much doesn't show up as deduction on my paycheck stub every two weeks, but I'm paying for it none the less.