How Can I Obtain My PA State Nursing License?

  1. Here's the story... I went to a 2 year RN program in NY State. (I live on the PA/NY border, but reside in PA.) In my last semester, some personal problems arose and I had to withdraw from school. This was 10 years ago. My instructors were wonderful, and encouraged me to sit for LPN testing. You can do this if you are in the last semester of an RN program. I passed, and obtained my NY state LPN license. This was 10 years ago. I was unable to return to school to finish my RN, and took a job at a doctor's office in PA. I want to practice as an LPN in a nursing home. BUT.... Pennsylvania law states that you cannot get your PA license if you did not go to an PA LPN accredited school. PA does not "recognize" an LPN if you challenged the boards through an RN program. PA is the ONLY STATE in the US that has this policy. I am able to obtain my LPN license in any other state. NY nursing homes are too far away from my home. Has anyone ever heard of the situation I am in, and any way I can obtain my PA state LPN license? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!! Julie
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    I have never heard of that, are you sure? Call the state board of nursing in PA and ask them how you can get your license. FYI if you have a VA hospital near by it doesn't matter what state you are licensed from they accept all licenses. Good luck to you.