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Hello all I'm new to the forum but I but wanted to know if anyone is attending Harcum's evening program in May, I recently got accepted and wanted to know what to expect with classes n clinicals. Its... Read More

  1. by   unique2
    Hello can anyone give me info on the Harcum evening program. I would like to know about the tuition cost. I live in NJ butv I thinking will it be worth it.
  2. by   unique2
    Hello, Im knew to the forum. I would like to know can anyone give me info about the Harcum Evening Nursing Program. I live in Jersey so I know Im going to have to pay out of state tuition. Also what are the lectures days and clinical.
  3. by   NENurse61211
    Congratulations unique2 on being accepting into the nursing program. You can plan on being involved with school about 4 days per week. The first semester was 2 days of class, one day lab and one day clinical for one class, Fundamentals. The second semester we had three classes( 2 days per week) and two clinicals. This past semester, we had two classes(one day) and two clinicals. Our last semester is scheduled for 3 classes, a lab and clinicals and we are supposed to be there 4 days next semester. So in other words...u will be traveling A LOT!!! Between classes and clinicals (depending on the site u are assigned to). Feel free to ask anything else.
  4. by   unique2
    Thank you for the information. Yes that sounds like a lot of traveling. I could not find any evening classes here in NJ. Oh Are books and uniforms included in the tuition?
  5. by   lele606
    You can try and look into Burlington County college or Lourdes Hospital nursing programs but I'm not sure what part of NJ you are from.
  6. by   unique2
    Im from Cherry Hill NJ. Lourdes is day fulltime program. Im not quitting my job. And I this Burlington County College have evening program. Im going to check into. My cousin jyst graduate d from Harcum Nursing School today and shes lives in Jersey too.
  7. by   NENurse61211
    No, textbooks and uniforms are not incuded. I wish...
  8. by   unique2
    Can you give me an estimate of the tuition cost for the evening program? How intense is the course work because I work from 8-3. Is there a high drop out rate for the evening classes?
    One last question, do students need to buy their own nursing kit as well.
  9. by   lele606
    Yes u buy UR own nursing kit but it comes with uniform package..... I truly understand because I work full time also and there are not many part time schools around. Congrats to your cousin and my good friend also graduated Sat... She said most of the instructors were fine and only a couple ppl either left or failed and restarted with next class.... So that's pretty good news and tuition is about $23,000....
  10. by   unique2
    Yes there isn't many part time schools around. Hopefully I get thru all my classes if I get accepted next May. Good luck wi th schooling and keep me posted. I was going to do LPN at first since it wasn't not any pt RN programs and than bridge to RN but its not many evening programs either
  11. by   unique2
    And I'm taking my prereqs this summer A&P 1 and 2 than Micro and Psy in the Fall.
  12. by   unique2
    How was your first day of class?
  13. by   Classynurse
    I am taking my prerequisites now and I am hoping to go to Harcum evening program. Are there any updates with you ladies?