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  1. Hello everyone..I had gotten my Graduate Practical Nurse permit right after I graduated school, and I took my test Sept 12th and I was wondering if I had fail would the status of my GPN permit still say active?

    PLZ help...Thanx
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
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    section 3.1. temporary practice permit.-in order for a person to practice practical nursing during the one-year period from the completion of the examination requirements or the one-year period from the application for licensure by a person who holds a current license issued by any other state, territory or possession of the united states or the dominion of canada, the board may issue a temporary practice permit which is nonrenewable and valid for a period of one year and during such additional period as the board may in each case especially permit, except that the temporary practice permit shall expire if the person fails the licensing examination.

  4. by   sar452
    Thank you soo much for your help!!