Fall 2012 PSU Altoona Second Degree Nursing - page 2

Hi~ is there anyone who got accepted to PSU Altoona for fall 2012 as Second Degree Nursing?? I was wondering if you guys got any information on the housing and stuff. anyone who attended PSU... Read More

  1. by   evym
    Thank you so much for the information angelalala
    tscharf - since I'm not sure if i'll be taking the car or not... I prefer to just live close by the school.
    but the thing is there are a lot of studetn campus type of rental.. but usually like 4 bedrooms and 1 bathroom sharing
    for the whole house.. which is kinda... little too crazy for me ..
    I don't mind roommate for like 1 more person.. like two bedroom apartment with 1 bathroom will be doable.. but
    other than that i'm trying to get studio or one bedroom apt.

    wow small class size. that's good and better I guess ^^
    Thank you for the information!
    hopely I can find some one bedroom or studio apartment..
  2. by   nancy.wong
    evym have you heard from anyone else that got in the PSU Fall 2012 program? Curious as to who else got in.
  3. by   pcramez5
    Hey everyone!

    I got into the second degree nursing program at PSU Altoona Fall 2012. I am looking for places to live also and it is very stressful due to the fact that I am finishing school in Virginia right now (I'm originially from NJ). I have been looking up multiple apartments and I know I want my own bedroom, but really wouldn't mind having company in an apartment! I figured only one other person since most places you have to share a bathroom and I wouldn't want to share a bathroom with too many people! I'm really clean and decently quiet! I'm also training for a half marathon now and will be training for a marathon while in school so I will also need a running partner! (I'm not that fast and I am not a morning person!) Anyway I know this all may seem random, but if anyone is interested in trying to find a place maybe we could figure out if we would get along and figure it out?? Let me know!!!

  4. by   nancy.wong
    Hi Tricia! I'll be looking for roommates and a place too once I make a decision on which program I want to attend. I was hoping to room with someone in the program and avoid dealing with freshman's and sophomores that would also be in the area. Just out of curiosity, where in VA are you located at the moment?
  5. by   pcramez5
    I go to George Mason University right now so very northern Virginia, Fairfax. Its very close to Washington DC which is nice!! I was also hoping to find someone in the program because we would be on the same schedule including study schedule!!
  6. by   nancy.wong
    GMU is a good school! I got accepted to George Washington University for their accelerated BSN program and would love to go, but after days of thinking and many many pros and cons lists, I'm leading towards Penn State. DC and NoVa are such nice areas but so expensive to live!! Maybe we can arrange for a meet and somehow arrange to see if we would be able to room together.
  7. by   BS403942
    Hey guys! I'll be starting in the second degree program at Altoona in the fall too! I currently live in State College and would like to stay here if possible. Does anyone else live in the area that would want to carpool?
  8. by   tscharf
    If you are going to the orientation, you might be able to meet up with some people who will also be commuting from the area. I know there are several of us coming from the Bellefonte/State College region in the class of 2012. The drive really isn't that bad. :-)