Duquesne app anyone?

  1. Is anyone out there applying to Duquesne, or am I way behind the times and no one thinks Duquesne is a good school? Any thoughts or opinions out there would help! Many thanks...
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  3. by   hayythurr
    Hi there! This is my first comment on AllNurses after stalking these boards for months. I'm sorry if my response is a little late, but I applied to Duquesne for the Accelerated BSN so you are not alone! I too was a little worried because I haven't really read anything on this site about the program! Did you apply?
  4. by   magallanes
    Good to know. I applied there as well! They said the letters will be sent out this week....so get ready for a response! Where are you from?...I'm from Cali.
  5. by   hayythurr
    eek that is scary! I'm crossing my fingers for us. I am also from California--near SF, but I did my undergrad in Boston so I'm excited at the chance to get back to the east coast :-) Where else did you apply? I have applied to Drexel, Catholic, MUSC, and Barry so far and am planning on applying to a few more. It's nerve racking not knowing where I'm going to end up! Good luck!
  6. by   pnk5536
    Wooo!!!!!! I just got my acceptance letter today!!!!! So excited!!!!!
  7. by   magallanes
    I just got my acceptance letter today! I applied to a masters entry program at UCSF, still waiting for my answer from them!
  8. by   hayythurr
    Congratulations to both of you! That is very exciting. :-)

    I unfortunately was not as lucky... but my time will come eventually. Good luck with UCSF and your decision making!
  9. by   magallanes
    Keep persevering!! It may not seem you are getting ANYWHERE at times...I am sure you'll get a positive response from some of all the places you are applying to
  10. by   Loveismagical
    I will be entering Duquesne's BSN program as a freshman in the fall! Good luck to you!
  11. by   magallanes
    I'm off to UCSF, best wishes to you at Duquesne!!