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  1. Hello! I just got accepted to Duquesne's accelerated BSN program for this fall (2013). I am wondering if anyone is currently in or has graduated from their accelerated program and could provide me with their general impressions of it?

    I know there are a lot of well-respected schools that still have sub par accelerated programs because they are quickly put together and poorly organized... I really can't afford to commit to a nursing school that I don't have any direct and current information about. That's why I'm hoping some current or past students could help me out!!

    Any info would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
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  3. by   jennyy
    Hey, I'm not currently attending Duquesne, but thats one of the schools on my list. Do you mind if I ask what was your prereq/cumulative GPA?
  4. by   atanas
    I haven't actually gone to Duquesne, but I work with a few of the graduates of the ABSN program, and they highly recommended it and said they would go through it again. They all seem pretty competent and well-prepared as nurses, as are the graduates of the ordinary undergraduate program I know. I also met one of the faculty, and he seemed awfully pleasant. There's got to be something negative to be said about it, but I haven't heard it.
  5. by   oye757928
    Hi, i was accepted to Duquesne for fall too! are you going for the open house? I don't think i'll be able to attend. I live about 5 hours away please let me know if you will be attending!
  6. by   yrmajesty3
    Hello Oye,
    My daughter and I attended the open house and we were quite impressed. You may be interested to know that the new Dean is from Drexel and is wonderful ( per a friend who is a Drexel nursing Professor). The one negative thing that might be said is that the NCLX passing rate is low...high 80's for the past few years. We've been assured that this will be immediately remedied with the new Dean onboard. Because of that, my dear daughter felt confident in accepting the offer to attend. We also live 5 hours away in Eastern PA, but it was an easy& pleasant if long drive.
  7. by   ND_Irish
    Oye, did you end up picking Duquesne? I was accepted but didn't send in the $500 deposit because I'm waiting to hear back from a few other schools (so I got bumped to the wait list). I was wondering what you thought so far about the program, in terms of student support and clinical placements. Thanks!