Drexel ACE Acceptance

  1. Does anyone remember how long it took to get an acceptance letter from the Drexel ACE program after your application was complete?

    I applied last year for the fall of 2008 and my application was complete about a month ago and was wondering how this process works?

    Should I be bugging them?

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  3. by   rosiekay
    You might call and ask when they will be notifying those accepted into the program, but it can take awhile.
  4. by   newnurse2011
    I'm also waiting for a response...
    its a kille rto wait what was ur GPA when u applied??
    did u finish all ur pre req's??
    how many seats r in the drexel ace vs. the applications??
    im so scared i hope i get in, if not i will try again... this is the only school i applied to....
  5. by   whitehat
    This is also the only school that I have applied to so far. I am getting ready to apply to Temple. That is where my original degree (Psychology 1992) is from. My GPA is really low, 2.29 but I have earned all A's in my prerequisites so far (I have a 4.0 at CCP). I have taken 5 so far and am currently taking Microbiology 241. Next spring I will be taking Chem 110 and then I only need to take a computer course for Drexel. For Temple I would need another chem course.

    I went to an open house last year for Drexel and I think I remember them saying something like they get 800 applicants for 200 spots. Something like that. Who knows. They told me that if I could get at least a B in all of my prerequisites I would qualify.

    I want to get in also as I really really don't want to take that other chem course, plus the other schools make you have an interview, send in letters of recommendation and just the hassle of getting your transcripts together. Blah. Plus for Jefferson if you don't have a 3.0 in your original degree you must take the GRE's. I would have to study for a year for that.

    My son goes to Masterman so I want to be close to him at least on the days that I am in class!
  6. by   newnurse2011
    wow Whitehat!!
    ur transcript is similar to mines only that my pre-req's i got B's and not A's .... i wish u luck... Your right drexel made it so easy to apply no essay no rec. jus the transcripts... which is soo good.. and i heard they accept people in the spring to ( 80 - 100 ). I just went to their open house and I just loved drexel. I liked the envrionment. They said 300 people are accepted and then some decide not ot go to drexel and others don't finish the pre-req's....
    Other schools want a GRE and other things such as essay...
    i am looking into more schools but their in Missouri so hopefully I get in somewhere..
    I'm glad were on the same boat...so im anxiously waiting for a reply.
    I will def keep in touch with u ...
    i hope u get in also ...
    beingclose to ur son will be good...
    def send me a message if u hear anything....
    thanx for ur reply u made me feel so much better ... my undergrad GPA wasn't too nice either... but i have imporved so I hope they take that into consideration.
  7. by   newnurse2011
    Also, I was just wondering
    did u have problems sending ur transcripts to drexel?
    they are give me a hard time and saying they haven't received.
    i have a receipt letter saying they received it from my college and they have me as incomplete? i was wondering if u or any1 had the same problem?
  8. by   JdNNurse2B
    I am in the ACE program now. Just started in September. I don't remember getting my acceptance letter until mid November.
  9. by   newnurse2011
    Jd how was ur GPA?? how is ur classmates GPA?
    wow was it hard to get in ?? did other people talk about how their GPA was? my GPA is now a 2.85 but im trying to shoot it up to at least a 3.0....
    i can imagine all the hardships of ur course load..
    i wish u all the best ....
    ill def PM message u later on to see how u r doing..
    take care
  10. by   JdNNurse2B
    My underdgrad GPA was in the 3's. My last 60 credits were a 3.94 GPA. I haven't really asked about other people's GPA. Its tough, but doable. So far. We just had midterms, I am happy with the results.
    But I heard 2nd Quarter is the tough one. So you might want to ask me later. lol.
    I am definitely enjoying the experience so far. Minus the lack of communication and organization on Drexel's part. I've learned to just shrug my shoulders and move on.
    Feel free to ask any questions. I can't promise that I will be able to answer then right away but I will try to check back here periodically.
  11. by   newnurse2011
    have u heard anything from Drexel?
    update me on anything...!!
    im waiting also ..
    so nervous... im going to Drexel on Wednesday...
    ok well good luck i will pray for ur acceptance also !
  12. by   PSUACERN
    I applied in Nov 2005- recieved my acceptance in late Jan/early Feb 2006, started the program Sept 2006- graduated Sept 2007.

    ACE is a challenging program, but definitely do-able if you have the drive and you can wade through all the miss-information given out by the adminstrators.

  13. by   newnurse2011
    hey thanx a lot for the information !
  14. by   newnurse2011
    hey Whitehat, did u hear back from Drexel??
    well i do hope u get in...
    im waiting still... so anxious