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Does anyone remember how long it took to get an acceptance letter from the Drexel ACE program after your application was complete? I applied last year for the fall of 2008 and my application was... Read More

  1. by   nanagose
    Also waiting for Drexel Fall '08. The deadline to get the apps in was October 15, but I remember them saying at the info session that the turnaround was pretty quick. I've emailed, but nobody has gotten back to me yet. *bites nails*
  2. by   newnurse2011
    heyy how r u ?
    yeah its dreading and I am glad that this thread is for Drexel applicants...i am so nervous and my transcripts, it's not as pretty as others... so i have a 50/50 chance of getting in.. hopefully though I do, this will be my dream come true if I do get in....
    since its the only school I applied to so I am kind of putting everything on this decision. How about you?
    have you applied to any other schools?
    ok Keep in touch and let us know
    take care
  3. by   nanagose
    It's the only school I've applied to so far. Before I realized I wanted to be a nurse, I was in the premed program, so my GPA isn't as high as I'd like it to be. I have no idea what will happen. I don't know how they can make decisions based just on the few pieces of information we gave them. There are some other schools with due dates in a few months, so I'm hoping to hear back from Drexel before I worry about those! I wish they would hurry up and let us know!!
  4. by   nanagose
    Fouzia, did you get your transcripts straightened out? I emailed to find out the status of my application, only to learn that it is incomplete because of two "missing" transcripts! A whole month after the deadline, good grief. In any case, if you haven't gotten your decision yet, this could be why. Let us know as soon as you hear - my fingers are crossed for you! Hopefully, we will be classmates
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  5. by   newnurse2011
    I have been so stressed out by Drexel. I have been sending out my transcripts from September and they have sent me a receipt letter saying they received it also , I have a signature saying that they have received it also.
    So it's still showing one of my transcripts missing from my college. I have talked to so many people from Drexel and have also gave my official transcript to a representative from Drexel.
    I am going to go there next week again and talk to some one in charge. I have been talking to Fram Engelmann and she has been looking for my transcript but I don't know why it's so hard for them to find a transcript!
    Seems like they are disorganized.
    I will let you know what happens as soon as I find out.
    I understand what your going through as well.
    talk to u soon Keep in touch
  6. by   JdNNurse2B
    As a current ACE Student,
    Myself and other classmates, realized when it comes to papers being turned in to Drexel, Make copies, hand deliver if you can, and get delivery confirmation if you have to mail things. I believe someone ended up sending stuff certified, so that people have to sign for things. Get used to the disorganization. But in the grand scheme of things, so far I have no regrets about going to Drexel.
  7. by   nanagose
    Yes, it definitely seems a bit disorganized! But Drexel is still my first choice, so hopefully they will keep my application together long enough to give me a decision
  8. by   newnurse2011
    hey u guys thans for the response!!
    i hope u get in also nanagose!! jd, im glad u like the ACE u really do motivate me... i jus really want to get accepted...
    ok well take care ...
    keep in touch
  9. by   newnurse2011
    Nana ,
    please tell me your update on Drexel??
    Definitly keep in touch
    take care
  10. by   nanagose
    I called and they told me to fax unofficial transcripts - she said she'd take a look and get back to me as to how I should proceed.

    Emailed, didn't get a response, emailed again a few days later, still no response. If I don't hear anything by Monday, definitely calling again! Unfortunately, I'm overseas, so calling is such a hassle! Ach!

    How are things going on your front? Hear anything yet?
  11. by   infamousnurse
    Hey all!

    I joined this site to get in touch with propespective nurses who already have a bachelors degree. I also applied to drexel ACE for Fall 2008 and am waiting to hear from them. I am wondering if you have gotten acceptances or rejections yet and when your application was complete. My transcripts were sent to them a bit late (end of october) and I hope that is not too late for drexel! Good luck everyone and keep posting!
  12. by   newnurse2011
    im still waiting,
    last week they just got my whole transcript situation organized..
    ok well keep in touch with the decisions...
    take care
  13. by   whitehat
    I did not get in.

    I received my letter last week and was denied admission. I am disappointed but am trying to believe that this was just not the program for me. I will be applying to other schools now and trying to concentrate on my remaining prerequisites.

    What a drag!