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  1. by   Finally my Time
    LULU --- You are Wonderful!!!
    You just don't know how much I really appreciate you taking this time to write back. We know you are extremely busy with school. Thanks for caring...
  2. by   dml2010
    I agree completely....lulu ur definitely a big help....i jus cant wait for september now....ughh it seems so far away...do you have enough time for studying in between all your classes and also having to do clinicals? Is it difficult? Also would you recommend being certified as a cna before starting the program or is it not necessary? So far is this a program you would recomend? Like, will it be your first choice if you can do it all over again?
  3. by   dixon_amanda
    Quote from Lulu222
    I honestly have never heard of a two-year fast track program. I'm assuming it's a brand new thing because I know myself and a dozen other transfer students would have jumped on that opportunity in a heart beat if it was offered to us! I'll ask around for you though.
    Thanks. Drexel is going to send me more information about the program in the next two weeks. From the information I have so far, I will transfer and receive my BSN in two years and I will be able to complete one co-op. I just wish they had more information posted online.
  4. by   Lulu222
    I'm so glad I'm able to help you guys out.

    I'll be honest when I say it really is difficult. It's been especially hard for me this quarter, you'll find yourself staying home or being in the library A LOT, but that's what it takes. Passing grade is 76.5 or higher so there's a lot of pressure. The majority of people don't have a job or have cut down on their hours a lot. I only work 1 or 2 days a week now and most of the time I have to get someone to pick up my second shift.

    If you become a CNA before you start clinicals, it will definitely help you. Especially with your vital sign check-out. It's not necessary, because they teach you everything once you get there, but it is helpful. So you if you have the time and want to get ahead of the game I would absolutely go for it.
  5. by   mary502010
    Quote from ac324
    i found out that i got accepted to drexel a couple weeks ago! i was accepted to a couple other nursing schools, but drexel and jefferson are at the top of my list. i was accepted to the 5 year co-op, but would i be able to switch to the 4 year program? i like the three co-op opportunities in the 5 year, but i don't know if i really want to wait a whole another year to become a nurse. i think one co-op would be enough for me. does anyone know how i could switch to the 4 year program if i enroll?

    by the way, is anyone going to the accepted students day on march 6th or april 11th?
    hello and congrats on your acceptances to nursing school! i read your post regarding drexel. i am a drexel grad from the 5 year program. i want you to be aware that a four or five year program may be take you a longer time because drexel withholds your degree if you fail to attain a very high score on one standarized test. there are some students from my class who are still trying to graduate from last year. i had a good gpa, great clinical reviews, never repeated a course, and actually never failed a test in my entire hs and college career, but had trouble with the one test. i was not allowed to graduate until i went through three months of remediation (which mostly consisted of self-study) and paid drexel another $3500. these are the things they do not tell you up front. it caused me so much stress i near had a nervous breakdown to think my hard work came down to this single score.the test is hesi and drexel requires a very high score (much higher than the recommended passing rate) i was unaware of this up front. other schools use this test as a remediation tool, but only drexel uses it punitively. (some has to pay for that 99% pass rate). do your homework regarding all of the programs, get your parents involved in the decision because i know many students going through a very stressful time trying to graduate from this program. good luck with your decision and i wish you much luck.
  6. by   Finally my Time
    When the Hesi is administered as an entrance requirement it is used punitively to those who do not score high enough. I know I am aware of the high score requirement. I hope others are and decide accordingly what will work for them. For me, this is not a deal breaker..
  7. by   Finally my Time
    LuLu do you commute to school? Is it a long walk from 15th and Market to the campus?
  8. by   Lulu222
    Quote from Finally my Time
    LuLu do you commute to school? Is it a long walk from 15th and Market to the campus?
    I do commute, and its not a far walk at all..15th and market would be only about 3 streets away but I get off the patco at 15th and locust and from there it still isn't more than a 10 minute walk. It's really nice in the warmer weather but if its raining or seriously cold out i jump on the broad street line instead.
  9. by   Finally my Time
    I was actually thinking of 15th and Locust. I forgot the street name LOL..... Thanks. I figured I would take Patco as well... I don't know ANYTHING about the Philly subway though..

    Can you comment about the HESI the other poster referred to?... Did you know about it before you enrolled?
  10. by   dml2010
    I think im definitely going to take a cna course while im waiting, and I know about the hesi exam also but im not gonna let that discourage me because its something that must be done in order for me to achieve my goal. I've heard some people talk about how they couldnt pass it but I also heard some ppl say they passed it on their first try. Its all about how you spend your time studying, besides that its books out there that you can buy to practice for the test and i also heard that study groups help a whole lot....
  11. by   Finally my Time
    In my opinion, there will be obstacles in every nursing program. I know that the required score on the Hesi is high, but I also know that achieving a high score almost guarantee I will pass the state board..
  12. by   dml2010
    i agree finally and there are other schools that will not allow you to grad if u dont pass the hesi but their score is easier to achieve like i believe drexel's score was a 950 aka 87 and some other school's score was a 80 or 78 something like that to pass
  13. by   Finally my Time
    Did you take the university or Drexel 101 class...(I forgot what it's called) Do you HAVE to take it? I know you said you received your Ipod touch. Did you receive it when you start Nurs 200?

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