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Hey everyone! I figured I would start a thread for us in the May 2011 cohort, so we aren't hijacking the 2010 thread anymore. :) I just sent in my tuition deposit, and can't wait to find out the... Read More

  1. by   elledee88
    just be comfortable with knowing why you want to be a nurse and articulate that in the best sense to the profs at desales! be patient as well. they run on a slower schedule than the other schools i interviewed for and didn't give me an answer until the end of december (although they emailed me and said it was going to be january originally...)
    overall, i am satisfied i chose desales. there are a lot of different health facilities and hospitals that my classmates and i are getting experience at. the program is challenging, as it should be. you learn to be your own teacher in some circumstances, but that doesn't mean the faculty and staff leave you in the dust. you have to convince yourself that you belong in the nursing profession and not expect for others to cradle you through the process. if you have that as a constant in your mind then you are on the right track! GL!
  2. by   DublAK2
    I am interviewing for DeSales as well this week, and I'm doing as much research as I can to familiarize myself with possible questions. I wanted to know if any current students have any idea what proportion of students are accepted out of the interview round. I don't have any hospital volunteer/work experience to speak of in my interview and I am petrified that that is going to shut the gate doors for me. Does everyone have hospital experience?
  3. by   ktliz
    DublAK, look at it this way-- if your lack of experience was an issue, they wouldn't have invited you for an interview. Obviously you impressed them with some other aspect of your application. If you feel lack of experience is your weakness, show them how you make up for it.

    For our class, I think they interviewed around half of the applicants and accepted around 2/3 of interviewees. I'm sure the numbers change from year to year, though.
  4. by   Tsanon2002
    Hello everyone..i currently live in Fl. I got accepted into the May 2012 cohort last December. I sent in a tuition deposit to the school and i havent heard anything. I was wondering if anyone has any info on how the acceptance process goes or if you even got an
    acceptance package like most
    schools sends out?!! I am eager to
    start this program as i know most
    of you are as well. Since i am
    coming from so far i would
    appreciate it if i could get some real
    insight on DeSales and any other
    info on PA..thank you!!!!
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  5. by   ktliz
    Call/email the nursing office and let them know you didn't get the packet. I checked my envelope (I have some documents stored in it) and it is postmarked 1/14. However, the nursing secretary is new this year so they may be running behind... who knows. There is a lot of stuff to get done and I think the deadline is sometime in April. From what I remember, you need your CPR certification (BLS for healthcare providers from AHA), a physical, 2-step PPD test, drug test, and titers drawn. You also need state and federal background checks, but I think they let you wait until school starts if you are out of state, since you have to go to a local place to get your fingerprints done. Info about books and your schedule doesn't come until later. You will order scrubs at orientation. You can order your stethoscope at orientation also, but I recommend getting it online before then; you will want to have it for health assessment lab and the people who ordered them at orientation didn't get theirs for weeks! You'll also need a watch with a second hand.

    If you've visited DeSales you'll know the campus is pretty secluded. You can look for housing in Hellertown, Coopersburg, Bethlehem, Allentown, Quakertown, Emmaus... Clinical sites are mostly in Allentown and Bethlehem, some are in Easton.
  6. by   Tsanon2002
    @Ktliz..Thank You soooo much. You have given more info about the nursing program than the school itself. Lol. I really appreciate you taking the time out and letting me whats going on. I will give the nursing secretary a call tomorrow just to make sure she has my new address. I hope to meet you in May!! Thanxx again.
  7. by   DublAK2
    Hey Ktliz,
    I was browsing around Allnurses looking for some DeSales information from some ABSN vets (I'm in the 12-13 cohort now). You seem to be the most active Desales member on here. I was wondering if you might PM me your e-mail if you felt comfortable enough so I could ask you some program specifics. I would pm you but I do not have enough posts. Thanks.
  8. by   jboy1029
    I will be attending DeSales this upcoming May and I'm wondering if anyone has a suggestion about where to rent an apartment? Specifically, an apartment complex in the area. If you lived in one, or know someone who did, please respond to this post. I am having trouble finding a place close to campus.