DCCC NET Reading Comp Advice Needed - page 2

Hi everyone, I am currently on the waiting list for the 2009 Nursing Program at DCCC. I am assuming that I am not going to be offered a seat and therefore want to start preparing to sit for the... Read More

  1. by   ecf1972
    With a 94 you are guaranteed to be in. I think I need to stop reading the posts here on the forums because it only makes me paranoid and I wind up going crazy wondering if I will get in or not. I sat for the NET again on Wedsnesday hoping to boost my score a bit but wasn't feeling so hot (yes, I should have rescheduled), and wound up only getting an 85. Nonetheless, they will take my 91... I got an 83 last year and by the time May came I was #11 on the waitlist so when I really stop to think about it, I am confident that I will get offered a seat. I just keep secondguessing myself.

    As for A&P, I am wowed that you are maintaining an A average. I am really struggling with the class and my instructor leaves a lot to be desired. I am just concentrating on passing so I can take A&P II in the spring.

    I wish you the best, check back in when you get your letter in January!