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  1. Hi all! After months and months of doing extensive research on this topic I realized that there is not much out there that can help so I wanted to start a thread for everyone looking into the children's hospital of Philadelphia nurse residency program that is graduating next May. Let's all tell each other a little about ourselves and keep each other updated on postings on chops website and the entire interview process. Chop seems to not be as clear about their nurse residency program like other hospitals are. I have read posts saying they upload their new grad job openings at the end of August and February and also heard that they take it down very fast.
    I'll start the introduction. I'm currently a nursing student in Pittsburgh but I'm originally from New Jersey dying to get closer to home. I work as a PCT at the children's hospital of Pittsburgh and since starting a year and a half ago, I knew pediatric was my calling. My interests are in the PICU, NICU, or Transplant. I work on a transplant unit now and love everything about it.
    Throughout the summer I will be stalking the career site and coming back with updates. I hope this thread helps everyone and we all end up getting awesome offers from the best children's hospital in the nation. Hope to hear from people.
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  3. by   lkc15
    Hello! I am also interested in CHOPs nurse residency program. I will be graduating in April 2018 and have many questions about the process as well as my chances of getting into the program! I hope this thread will help!
  4. by   phiasophy
    Thanks for responding! I called the nursing recruiting office and found out some information. Applications come out in august of this year so keep your eye out. She said it will have all the info. from previous research I found that the process is long.
  5. by   kmb93
    I will be graduating in October and have had a very difficult time finding information about their residency program. Can anyone give any advice on how to get in contact with the recruiter? It seems to be very "hush-hush".
  6. by   At5193
    The entry-level RN position will be posted the week of August 27, 2017.Applications will be accepted for BSN-prepared nurses who will graduate throughSeptember 2017. If you will graduate afterSeptember 2017, please apply at a later date.
  7. by   Tschmukler
    what was the contact number or email you used to call the nursing recruitment! I graduate in December and want more information on when that application comes out.
    Thank you!
  8. by   vgiordano23
    Hi everyone! Does anyone have more info about this residency? If so, can you let me know what you have? Thanks!
  9. by   cwilliams3988
    The application for December graduates is up now. It closes tomorrow. If you graduate after March, the next residency apps come out March 5, 2018. Good luck everybody!!
  10. by   kaf1234
    So if we're graduating in May, applications will open on March 5th? Does anyone know what the name of the job listing will be? Also does anyone know where to get more information on the program in general and what units are going to have openings?
  11. by   sprem
    I'm also graduating in May and have been looking for any info on this program. Thanks for starting the thread and for sharing what you've learned! If anyone obtains new info, please share!!
  12. by   tfuydal
    Hey all! I am also graduating in May, anyone hear any information about when this application will open up? Anxious!
  13. by   lkc15
    I was just wondering if anyone had any updates yet?
  14. by   emily34812
    Just completed the video interview, and they said after complete it would be 4-6 weeks until we heard back about the next step!

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