Cedar Crest Fall 2014

  1. Hello,
    I am wondering if any one that has been accepted or is currently in the BSN full time Sage nursing program at Cedar Crest college. I have a question about times for clinicals and class? Are the classes and clinicals M-F? Currently I work as a CNA part time in Nazareth every weekend and I do doubles from 3pm-7am. I am considering changing jobs to a nursing home across the street from my house but it is a full time 12hr shifts with every other weekend from 6pm-630am. I am trying to see what sched would work better with the program.

    Any extra insight or information about the full time program would be great!!
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  3. by   notnursezelda
    i actually posted this on the other thread
    i went to the orientation they had and found out some information

    so for fall time entry, classes are only tuesday and thursdays - 8 to 11 and then another, but only until 4 the latest

    clinicals are monday, wednesday, or friday. not every day, depending on which course you choose, there is one that is optional, clinicals can be 1 to 2 days. the summer people at the orientation had the option of choosing what day they prefer
    and clinicals are starting at 6:45 AM to 3 to 3:30 pm the latest

    and she mentioned at least 4 times through out the clinicals, at least for the first semester, we would have to go the day before, to choose the patient or whatever, and do some prep work, so we are familiar with their case and the care they need, for at least 2 to 4 hours, for the day before. but thats only 4 times a semester and they let you know ahead of time.

    the students that were there, mentioned that they are studying on and off, or make their notes mobile, some do have other extracirricular activities, and some part time jobs, that keep them organized....and study groups are vital

    if i remember anything else, i ll post it.
  4. by   kaybee91
    Hey Zibi,

    I went to the information session and I was told that clinicals for Full time were Monday, Wednesday and Friday. All three days.
  5. by   notnursezelda
    That's odd, I was told it would depend on which classes we would be taking. It would either be 1 or 2 days only.
    Yes full time students were going to go from 6:45 am to 3 to 3:30 pm the latest.
    At least, this is for the first semester.

    And they made a point to ask the summer start students to choose which days they prefer and to HAND-IN a form of their preference at the orientation, before they left.
    They said they would try to schedule their clinical's those days, but certain agencies/hospitals, since they work with so many other schools, they could no promise that they would get the exact days, but they would be told ahead of time so the students could work something out.
  6. by   notnursezelda
    kaybee, will you be starting in the fall as well?

    I already have my bachelors in biology, i have been taking all my prereqs since last year, problem is i took ALL of them outside of cedar crest, so they are telling me i still have to take 6 credits, even if they are art courses, AT cedar crest, no way around it

    right now im just waiting to see if all my pre-reqs transfer, so I know which courses , if any, ill have to retake (hopefully none!!!)
    they are trying to tell me that my chem might now, since there chem is a 5 credit course and covers general chem, orgo, and biochem. but i have taken chem and orgo already, and another bio class that had biochem as a part of it.
    (sorry went into ranting/venting mode haha )

    other than that, i just have to take the TEAS in June, and I should be set to start in the Fall as well
  7. by   notnursezelda
    I wonder why there aren't any other Cedar Crest students on here lol
    Getting any kind of information on that program is proving difficult O.O
  8. by   kaybee91
    Hey Zibi,

    I hope to be starting in the Fall, I also am forced to take 2 art classes this summer that comes to $2996 for just two classes!!!
    I am not eligible for financial aid until I pay of my student loan that went into default so I am afraid of what it will cost to pay for school out of pocket until I pay off this loan!
    I am done with all my prereqs but I am waiting for another transcript before I am officially accepted. Yes it is very difficult to get information which is why I went to the information session.
  9. by   notnursezelda
    OMG I think we are in the same boat haha

    all my transcripts were finally evaluated, and my chem class that i was worried about did transfer so that was great!

    but I still have to take 2 classes during the summer to complete those 6 credits, so yea i registered and payed for 2 art classes as well yesterday. I'm hoping to do the accelerated ones, that are done and over with in 2 weekends, so I can just get them out of the way.... I don't get financial aid either, because I already have my bachelors degree, so I'll be paying for those classes with my savings and for the Fall, I guess bring on the shitload of loans? :/

    other than that, IF I pass the TEAS test in June, I can officially start in the Fall. YAY!
    Did you take it yet? I have to start studying for that soon, infact I just ordered the review book from the ATI website.

    And other than that, I'll be waiting for the results of the TEAS exam before I buy all the scrubs and start doing the background check thing, which is due on July 16th, so we have time for that. I think the only other thing required is the BLS certification, which I already have, but I think I should start making a folder or something to keep everything organized.

    I'm probably forgetting something, but hopefully all goes well!
  10. by   kaybee91
    Hey zibi,
    I am on a payment plan for the summer classes which made it easier to afford thank god! I am also doing the weekend accelerated so i can still have somewhat of a summer! I have decided to try for the winter option which will hopefully give me a better chance at affording cedar crest and being able to save up so i can attempt to do a payment plan for the winter session.

    I am still waiting to be accepted because I have to still pay off a previous balance from another school. So i haven't gotten a teas test date as of this moment.
  11. by   notnursezelda

    they sent out an email, the teas test dates are from june 10th to june 13th, and it has to be taken AT cedar crest. and its about 50 dollars, and you should have gotten a teas test date since you are registered for the fall classes,

    Also, it shouldnt have anything to do with hour previous balance.

    Hopefully things work out

    I still have to register for the TEAS, im waiting for my next paycheck so i can afford it, I got the study manual from ATI and started reviewing it, hopefully 3 weeks is enough time. I know they only give you 2 chances to pass the TEAS, but if your starting in the winter, i think they offer it again in October.

    In the meanwhile im going to my art classes and applying for every scholarship i qualify for, thats the only way I can afford school other than loans...
  12. by   notnursezelda
    is there seriously no one else going to cedar crest on this forum? lol
  13. by   samie094
    Hey guys., I just got accepted into Cedar crest's nursing program also. I have a bachelors in science from somewhere else. How was the TEAS? How are the nursing classes? Tell me everything. Lol