CCP courses for Drexel ACE program prerequisites?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm hoping to apply to Drexel's ACE program for Fall 2013 and just applied to CCP to take my prereqs. I was wondering if anyone knows of the course equivalency between CCP and Drexel. I contacted Drexel and they did not seem to know this information and directed me to CCP but the academic adviser at CCP would not give me much information since I have not registered for the courses yet. If anyone has taken their prereqs at CCP and know which courses will fill Drexel's courses, I'd very much appreciate it!! Below are the prereqs I will need to complete at CCP:

    Chemistry with lab (4 creds) - Chem 101?
    A&P I with lab (4 creds)-
    A&P II with lab (4 creds)
    Microbio with lab (4 creds)
    Ethics (3 creds)
    Computer applications/Public Speaking/Communication Elective (3 creds)-- CIS 103?
    Human Nutrition (3 creds)
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  3. by   ktliz
    Those are all pretty standard courses; you will be fine.
  4. by   cirrocumulus
    i went to an info session for the ACE program in the fall, and the admissions office had a whole table filled with printed out lists of acceptable pre-reqs for all local community colleges, so see if you can talk to someone else at drexel. i would recommend emailing a specific person instead of a general admissions email address, i never have any luck with those.

    i did my prereqs at ccp and i did chem 110 (honestly it was fine, and i think it looks better to take the 110 college level instead of the 101 level), bio 109, bio 110, bio 241, and diet 111. i took ah 104 for ethics, but i'm not sure if that was going to transfer. i'd also go to the counseling center on the second floor of the west building, because a lot of students from ccp transfer to drexel, and the staff there will definitely know what the correspondent courses are.

    good luck!
  5. by   hiddencatRN
    You want Chem 110 not Chem 101.

    I'm pretty surprised the person you contacted at Drexel was no help, because they actually have equivalencies on all the community colleges in the area. I'd try asking around.
  6. by   itzsodonnaa
    Hey, I was planning on applying to the program fall '13 also but do u know if the deadline for the spring is for spring '13 or '14? Because if it is spring '13 i thought that may be better to apply to.. but I just see that the deadline is april 1st but i dont know what year it's for..hope you can help thanks :]
  7. by   jmilo77
    THANK YOU!! that was a huge help!
  8. by   jmilo77
    The deadlines are generally a year before you expect to start so if you apply in Oct, you would start in Fall and apply in March/April, you would start in Spring. Hope that helps!