CCAC Fall 2009!

  1. I finally got my acceptance letter! I'll be attending the Boyce campus. I know if I got my acceptance letter today, then other CCAC students have as well. Share the good news!
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  3. by   mochabean
    I'm surprised no one has responded to this thread yet! I guess not a lot of CCAC students come to!
  4. by   LMax2206
    I also applied to CCAC and got in but if I go I will be attending North Campus. I had actually applied to 2 other schools, however, they are taking so long to let me know whether I got in that I think I'm going to go with CCAC. I'm a little nervous because I've heard some really bad things about CCAC (all campuses) but hopefully it won't be that bad. When I took the NET test I left North Campus saying I will never go there because the lady giving the test was extremely go figure. Anyways congratulations and hopefully it's not as bad as I've heard!
  5. by   mochabean
    Congratulations! What did you hear about the campuses? I've heard that Boyce and South were the best campuses to go to. The only bad thing I heard about Allegheny was that it's unorganized. I don't know anything about North.
  6. by   KSusan1010
    I will be attending South Campus in the fall. I'm sure there is a lot of us, they simply have not found this web site yet. Personally, I've been so busy trying to accomplish everything that we have to get done this summer, from the check off list.

    Hint to all.....get your vacinations and titers @ the Dept of Health in Oakland and not your Doctor's office...Cheap, Cheap, Cheap! (Well, not cheap, but much better than your Doc can do!)

    LMax.....Question....Are the people that told you "bad" things about CCAC, people that didn't make it through the first year? Keep that in mind because less than half of your class will be there next May. CCAC is hard, but honestly do you really want to be in the hospital with a nurse that barely knows what their doing. I don't. Okay, enough of my soap box!

    Congrats to us all!
  7. by   mochabean
    It costs $15 for each titer (measles, mumps, chicken pox, german measles) and $10 for the tetanus shot if you haven't had it in the last 10 years. I was told results would be sent out in a week or 2. I got my fingerprints done yesterday and those will take at least 3-4 weeks. Clearances have been mailed. After I get the major stuff taken care of by the deadline, then I can focus on the minor stuff: books, uniforms, stethoscope, and other school supplies. I'm excited!
  8. by   KSusan1010
    My finger prints came back in 5 days. Yours shouldn't take that long, they simply tell you that "just in case". The only thing that I'm waiting for is Child Abuse Clearance and the drug test in June.

    My registration was today! Whoo HOO! Everything is falling in place nicely! I was very surprised how many students had not started on their check off list. Bad idea. You never know what could get held up. One girl even had her drug test only to find out she did it too soon and it won't count.

    My clinical will be on Friday's. I don't know which hospital yet. I think it's great to have someone at another campus to compare notes if we need to!

    Best of luck to you and let me know if I can be of any help to you!
  9. by   mochabean
    That's good the fingerprints didn't take too long! I'm waiting for the drug test in June and I also have to visit my doctor for my physical and see if she'll sign off on my antibody screening since I had it done already for work. If not, I"ll just go to the health department. I went to orientation last week and I am so HAPPY that I got the schedule I wanted! I'm going to turn my materials in ASAP- I'm not waiting until the last minute! I'll keep you posted!
  10. by   KSusan1010
    Mochabean - how long did it take you to receive Child Abuse Clearences? I mailed mine in on 5/12. I know it's only two weeks, but I'm not sure as to when I should start making calls.

    I got some insider information, if your interested. One of our first tests will be on medical abbreviations. I found a really cool website There are over 200 abbreviations to learn so I thought I'd get a jump start on that this summer. I was told that the test is only a five or ten point test, but you will still have to know them all.

    Please let me know if you find out any tid bits that might help.
  11. by   mochabean
    I mailed my clearances 2 weeks ago. I'm going to wait until the end of the week to see if they come in. I got my fingerprints already, so I'd really like to get those clearances so I can move on. Is this the medical abbreviation test just at South Campus or is it all campuses? I still have to study from my dosage calculation book. I need to make time for it!
  12. by   1andrea1
    I am a second year student at south and I can tell you that it is a hard program but you can make it through if you put in the time studying. For the medical abbreviation quiz they gave us the information to study, I think it was in one of the packets that we purchased from the book store. Be prepared, utilize the help that they offer (tutors) and stay organized. I also found that having separate binders for lecture, lab and clinical helped. Good luck to both of you!
  13. by   KSusan1010
    Okay, I feel better. My Child Abuse Clearance came on Friday. I got my drug test today! One more MMR shot and Whoo HOO!

    I really don't know if the abbreviations test will be first everywhere, but you can bet you'll have it sometime. I simply have a little spare time this summer and would like to get a jump start on anything that I can.

    It's funny I keep meeting fellow students at places like the Health Dept and CPR class....they'll get on board soon and we'll have more people to get info from.

    Hey Andrea....are you the Andrea that spoke with three others the day we resgistered? If so, you did a great job. If not, thanks for the info. I am soooooo excited and can't wait to begin. I really need to relax and enjoy the summer, but I'm about to jump out of my pantyhose with excitement!
  14. by   mochabean
    My child abuse clearances came on Friday too; I'm still waiting for the criminal one. I'm getting my drug test done tomorrow and next week I'll get the physical. It would great to see more CCAC students on allnurses!