CAN Slate of Candidates Includes PA Nurses

  1. state nurses association members are running for positions within the center for american nurses. toni mcandrew is running for director and elizabeth walls for the nominating committee.

    center for american nurses 2004 slate of candidates. next week the can 2004 candidate profiles will be on the can website please refer it for specific candidate information.

    the can candidates forum will be held on june 23 from 4:30-5:30 p.m. each candidate for executive office will have the opportunity to give a three minute speech at the beginning of the forum. all candidates for office will then have the opportunity to answer questions individually at their respective campaign tables during the rest of the forum. the forum will be followed the can reception where candidates may continue to engage individual questions.

    voting for can offices will be held the morning of june 24 prior to the can membership council meeting
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    CAN's Mission

    The Center for American Nurses is a professional association whose mission is to create a community of nursing organizations that serves individual, non-union nurses by providing programs, tools, and policies that address their workplace concerns.
    Workplace Advocacy is an array of services, products, and programs that support individual nurses to help them address their workplace challenges through policy research and advocacy, education, and communications.

    CAN is an independent affiliate of the American Nurses Association as an Associate Organizational Member.

    Toni and Betsy are two strong nursing advocates that I've known a long time. Betsy has been a mentor for me in PSNA, getting me involved in district org comittee work in 1983. Both would be an asset to this group.