Brandywine Hosp. students (current and past)

  1. hello,
    i've recently been excepted into the brandywine hospital school of nursing in chester county. i just received my letter a few days ago. i was wondering if any current or past students could let me know what the schedule is like. i work fulltime and would like to get a jump on things with my supervisors. they know that my school schedule is going to be a bit more intense starting this fall but i want to start to manage my time now before it manages me. here's a few questions:
    what time did nursing classes start?
    till when did they run?
    what days off during the week?
    what time are the classes at immaculata college?

    i've done most of the classes (e.g. eng, bio etc) so i wont have to take those classes but i just needed to know what the times were so i can try to put together a schedule for myself.
    i asked in admisssions and her answers (though very very helpful) were to vague for me to start to prepare. also besides my work schedule my concern is for my daughter and making arraingements for her care.
    thank you in advance for any help you can give.
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  3. by   adamsmom
    I am in my 2nd semester, first semester class is one day a week and clinical is 1 day a week. 2nd semester class is one day clinical is 2 days but will have a few nite shifts. But first 2 weeks of each semester will be daily. Not sure if you will be able to work full time. I currently work 12 hour shifts at Telhai on the weekends but during the week will be very hard. Alot of reading and prep work for clinicals. School is very hard and stressful. I got a B on first semester now I have a D. I hope I can pass. I also hope you have all your pre reqs done. Good luck it is very hard but very interesting and exciting. I think 3rd and 4th is 2 clinicals and 2 class.
  4. by   Miligril
    Thank you very much for the info. :spin: I was told that i'd be in class (class and clinicals) from 8-4 mon, tues, thurs, frid. Which i thought would be hard but i can definately handle only having to go in twice or three times a week. Right now i attend classes 3 times a week and the semester before i had classes fulltime. I work 11p to 7a specifically to go to school which i'll definately be able to do. I heard that it's a very challenging program :selfbonk: but i know that this is a career that i love and i'll be pushing myself to get through it. I have a medical backround (from a while a go) so hopefully it will help me. I know my biggest challenge will be pharmacology.