Background Check in PA

  1. Forgive me if this is covered somewhere else and I'm missing it--- when applying to the BON for initial licensure, do you have to get a background check somewhere and have the results sent to BON? It's this way in many other states, but I'm unable to find anything in the stickies or on the BON website.
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  3. by   justwannabanurse
    Yes, I just graduated in December 2008 about a month before graduation we sat down with the Instructors and they helped us all fill out our paperwork for our Temporary practice permits, and for the nclex. The Board of nursing does a background check, and on that paperwork they ask alot of questions about any past records regardless of how old it was. And, you have to be honest there was someone there from BON, and she said if you put no and you actually have something show up they can choose not to give you your license. One of my friends had a DUI years ago, and 2 months before graduation got another one she was able to finish the program but now BON is denying her license. GOOD LUCK!!!
  4. by   semicolonergic
    Thanks! I'm not concerned about the results of it so much as how to complete it? Is there additional paperwork to be done besides just the application for licensure?
  5. by   justwannabanurse
    Yes, there were several different forms that we were filling out, but the Instructors along with a woman from BON helped us fill them out.