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Hi all, I'm new to this site (just joined today). But I've been lurking for a few weeks. I'm applying for the Aria Health SON and would love to meet others who are applying for the September 2012... Read More

  1. by   PhilliesGirl05
    Hey! Can we take the drug test at the Bucks Aria or do we need to go to Torresdale or Frankford? Do we pay that day? SOO much to doooo!
  2. by   simplyblessed
    I took my drug test on Monday at the Torresdale site and yes, I did have to pay right then and there. You are not kidding, I don't know how the girls last semester did all this in the short amount of time they were given?!?!
  3. by   AspiringNurse_Amber
    You already have your documents uploaded? Im jealous! lol But I'm worried I wont get anything because the guy said that nothing gets sent out anymore. Hmm.. but I took my drug test last friday, should the results already be posted on the website? Since I read that those go directly to the school. Also, I was looking on the website where all of the medical documents are to uploaded and it looks like so much! It looks like everything needs to be on its own individual paper but I didnt think that doctors did it like that.
    This is so overwhelming to think about!
  4. by   BumbleBee477
    Quote from simplyblessed
    I took my drug test on Monday at the Torresdale site and yes, I did have to pay right then and there. You are not kidding, I don't know how the girls last semester did all this in the short amount of time they were given?!?!
    Hey, dont forget about our boys!!!

    I know its all overwhelming, just try to do it one step at a time. School is just as crazy, you cant look at the whole picture or youll go step at time....!!
    September will be here before you know it! Im excited for all of you. I start 310 on Monday! AHHHHHHH !
  5. by   simplyblessed
    Oh Yes, Bumblebee can I have forgotten the Boys???!!!! Congratulations on getting to nursing 310! I've heard that nursing tests are a LOT different than how we've been studying up to this point. Can you offer up any tips or suggestions to that learning style? I went to the library and checked out lippincott's NCLEX preparation and the KAPLAN just to get a general idea of how questions will be asked on how to break down and analyze the answers and nursing is more on the preventative and management side of things (or so I've been told).
  6. by   heathersophia
    Hello again Does anyone know what Julie in admissions email address is? I've been trying to call to to no avail.. I tried using the one on the website but it was sent back to me saying that there was no such address. Thanks I really appreciate it.. And also I applied for the Jan 2013 start and I know that deadline is aug 1st.. I was wondering how long after deadline it typically takes for response of you are accepted or not.. And do they post it on the student log in?Thank youHeather
  7. by   awarren808
    For the medical records...I had to get titers so I had individual lab reports for each vaccination. But if your dr filled out the packet just scan it and make sure you upload the page for every necessary vaccination. You will get a copy of your clearances. I got a copy of them plus I bought the background badge from the website in case I misplace my original forms. And yes the drug test results get sent directly to the school.
  8. by   awarren808
    @Heather I'll send you a PM
  9. by   awarren808
    oh yeah....please dont wait until the last minute to upload or fax your documents, because the website does reject them sometimes.
  10. by   PhilliesGirl05
    A few more questions....:spin: Since the flu vaccine is we still need to get that before June 30th also, or do we get that before we start in the Fall? I have also tried contacting Julie regarding this, and I think with the move of the campus, the phones are still being setup. I can't imagine getting a flu vaccine in Spring/Summer. I have never actually had a flu vaccine. Just wondering if anyone knows the answer...thanks so much!
  11. by   heathersophia
    Thank you.. I got your message.. I really appreciate it.. and thanks for the info.. I really hope that I get in.. I wish I was starting in September but I have to still do A&PII and thats it. I have been reading all the posts and you all must be so excited. I hope to be joining you all in January.. I hope to stay in touch to see how you guys like the program and how you all are doing..
  12. by   awarren808
    Hmmm...I'm not really sure about the flu vaccine either. Last November was my first shot (I didn't like it at all :-( ). But I thought they aren't available until around September.
  13. by   PhilliesGirl05
    Yea I thought that flu shots weren't around til around that time either....hmm...I am nervous to get one bc I know I will probably get some crazy side effects since I never had that vaccine before I wish we could get ahold of the admission office to ask them. Anyone able to get in touch with Julie?