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Hi all, I'm new to this site (just joined today). But I've been lurking for a few weeks. I'm applying for the Aria Health SON and would love to meet others who are applying for the September 2012... Read More

  1. by   simplyblessed
    I'm IN guys!!!!!! * Doing my happy dance!!!** Who-hooo, congrats Holly, Congrats Ashley!
    Got my letter today. But it's dated the 16th! Wow.

    I'm in for a meet and greet too, I don't drink but I do love a virgin Pina Colada! :-)
  2. by   awarren808
  3. by   Ldial1
    My acceptance letter came today as well. It also was dated the 16th. Congrats to all that we're accepted.
  4. by   simplyblessed
    Holly your $160 is due the 6th? Mine is the 5th, I wonder why??? Not a problem either way, just made me curious. Looks like they were very prompt with their decision letters this go round.

    @Ashley, the facebook idea is not cheesy at all, a few of us already 'friended' each other.

    Congrats Ldial1!
  5. by   omgthedrake
    @ simplyblessed haha ok cool =)

    my $$$ is due the 5th too weird lol

    Congrats everyone! This is so exciting!!!
  6. by   omgthedrake
    Do you guys know when we will find out about classes and clinical? all that fun stuff lol
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  7. by   omgthedrake
    Hi YYKS! I received my acceptance letter yesterday and just cant wait to start at Aria! Do you like how the classes are set up and your clinical experience so far?
    Ashley =)
  8. by   FinallyRNStatus
    Congrats Candi and Ldial1!!! So far I'll know 4 people that will be joining me in Sept....and one looks like they can kick someone's butt like Bruce Lee. -_-

    My acceptance letter is dated 3/20 and the due date for $ is 4/6. Maybe the school gave me more time because they thought mine would be mailed out after yours? Who knows!

    Candi, I love virgin pina coladas too. Mmm!!! We'll all have to pick a spot to celebrate. Maybe somewhere near the school. I've yet to see the school. I want to sneak in to see the old one before we move to the new one. lol

    Ashley - if you go to Aria SON page, on the left there is a section called "student resources" click that and it will pull up a list with the "student handbook" This is the 2011-2012 student handbook and it lists most of the info you want to know. Plus it gives us information on what we need to submit after our acceptance fee. I found these pages helpful. p 20, 82-86, 173-189
  9. by   FinallyRNStatus
    double post
  10. by   omgthedrake
    Thanks Holly! I check it out
  11. by   AspiringNurse_Amber
    Hiiii ladies! I just got my acceptance letter in the mail I am completely overjoyed! Congratulations to everyone who found out already =) I am so happy that we were all able to talk with eachother on here!
    Now for my questions lol
    My letter was also dated March 16, and says that the payment is due on the 5th. How do we get these papers back to them and the money by then? Maybe we can overnight mail them? I'm not sure if we can personally go into the school and drop them off. What are you girls doing?
    Congrats again!! I am soooooo excited, and I cant wait to meet you all and be classmates!!
  12. by   simplyblessed
    Congratulations Amber!!! This is such a great feeling and I love the vibe I'm getting from how we're all connecting on this site. Hopefully this is just letting us know that we are going to be a wonderful class.

    As for your question regarding the deposit, I mailed mine in today via certified mail in case they need proof that it's been mailed. I asked the post office representative how long it would take to get to Philadelphia, and she said it should be there by tomorrow and Wednesday at the absolute latest. It cost me $3.40 to send it certified.
  13. by   PhilliesGirl05
    Woohoo our class is growing! I love that we have this site to communicate! I am sure we will all be there to help guide eachother through all of this crazy paperwork they need before we start! (From the previous posts for Aria, there's alot of stuff they need before we start) I can't wait to meet you all