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Hi all, I'm new to this site (just joined today). But I've been lurking for a few weeks. I'm applying for the Aria Health SON and would love to meet others who are applying for the September 2012... Read More

  1. by   omgthedrake
    Hey simplyblessed! I hope we hear soon too! sorry to hear about your friend =(
    oh my name is Ashley by the way lol
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  2. by   awarren808
    I guess the school canceled accepted students day because its not on the academic calender anymore...I was looking forward to meet everyone
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  3. by   Mytime211
    Hi everyone, I have been following this forum for a while and finally decided to join. I applied to Aria as well and I am so anxious, I am always waiting around for the mailman. It says RAP Review 2/20/12 on my checklist. I need to know whether or not im in it's driving me absolutely crazy!!!! I want to go to Aria but I was accepted to RHMSON as well and the application fee was due 3/19/12, but I decided to wait on Aria ugh!.... sigh.... I need to know!
  4. by   FinallyRNStatus
    No accepted student day! Ahh! Yes, I figure I won't hear yay or nay until the first week of April. I've been trying to keep myself busy so I won't be waiting around the mailbox. Trying my hardest to think positively!

    My Rap Review says 'no' for Chem Grade, even though I completed a college level Chem class 5 years ago. Also 'no' for HS Final Transcript and Reference 2...but it lists these items on a different line as "Yes". This has got me worried that they won't accept my chem class or will over look items? Does anyone else have items under rap review listed as no??? Please tell me I'm freaking out over nothing! Lol
  5. by   FinallyRNStatus
    Welcome Ashley and mytime211! Please keep us posted on your acceptance into the program!
  6. by   awarren808
    My chem, teas, and sat scores are all no
  7. by   FinallyRNStatus
    Wait ...aren't you in already?! Lol

    Well...its good to know they just haven't got around to updating it yet. And it doesn't mean I'm denied. Hehe.
  8. by   FinallyRNStatus
    Awarren, why didn't the school accept your micro class? Just curious. I took an intense 5 unit class. I can't imagine any school not accepting it...and I would never want to take that class again either...I've been emotionally scarred from the experience!
  9. by   awarren808
    Did julie call you to inform you were missing anything? If, not I wouldn't worry about it. Julie called me the day before deadline to tell me I was missing my reference letter #2 and high school transcripts. I scrambled to get them faxed and emailed until the hardcopies arrived in the mail.
  10. by   FinallyRNStatus
    Oh what a sweetie! No I didn't receive a call from her. I actually called Julie 3 days before the deadline to double check that she had everything. I left it on her voicemail and figured everything was fine since I didn't get a call back. Thank you for the 411.
  11. by   awarren808
    I didnt take micro yet. Micro, hdfs129 & phramacology are the only psu classes I have to take
  12. by   awarren808
    Unless I was to take the additional classes for the associates
  13. by   AspiringNurse_Amber
    Aw I was looking forward to an Accepted Student Day as well!
    Holly, the only things that say no on my checklist are chem grade (because I'm taking it now) and also sat scores because I don't have any. But Julie also called me a few days before the deadline as well to tell me that my essay was misplaced and that I needed to send in updated transcripts. I had both sent in that same day and eventually my checklist updated.
    But I also didn't take micro yet and I wish I could take it at CCP during the summer but it will be four days a week, and that wont be possible for me to get there all of those days.