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Hi all, I'm new to this site (just joined today). But I've been lurking for a few weeks. I'm applying for the Aria Health SON and would love to meet others who are applying for the September 2012... Read More

  1. by   awarren808
    I saw it on the academic calendee. I was wondering the same.
  2. by   FinallyRNStatus
    Awarren, looks like you've done your research. This is the first I've heard about "accepted student day". I wonder if this is some sort meet & greet event? Thanks for adding your pic!

    I can't wait to be in actual nursing classes and not just pre-reqs. Blah! I've been taking all sorts of classes to meet different schools requirements and I know some of them will not transfer and be a waste. This semester Intro to Computers and Western Civilization. Crying tears of boredom.
  3. by   FinallyRNStatus
    Amber, thanks for the fb link. If anyone would like to add me to facebook, Holly Parker.
  4. by   simplyblessed
    Hi everyone! I'm so excited about April and CAN'T wait for it to get here! @ Holly, I totally feel you on being tired of prerequisites! I'm finishing Micro, A&P II, Eng 102 and biomedical ethics this semester and I am sooooo ready for it to be over:spin: I saw that you have two kids, my daughter is 15 months, so I'm glad to know there will be a few mom's this semester! I'm trying to wrap my mind around, school, clinicals, immense studying and being a mom and wife too! (whew)

    But I really can't wait. My old laptop recently died and I have yet to transfer the pics to this one. But I do have them on my facebook page. If any of you do a search it's under Candi Serapiao. I didn't see anything on new student day, but I'm happy to hear there is one!
  5. by   avg5012
    just to help with everyones anticipation, we are moving after this semester ! So we will begin Spring 2012 in our new buliding ! so when you all begin in September you will be in the new building.. and the scrubs now are teal, no longer white ! hope that helps !
  6. by   awarren808
    Start of the bsn program?
  7. by   avg5012
    dont stress about uniforms ! I got 2 tops and 2 bottoms, for each day of clinical since you have it 2 days a week. havent worn the polo or lab coat yet, so dont worry about that stuff .. they say its "required" but some people have only gotten 1 set of scrubs due to financial reasons.
  8. by   avg5012
    they havent really gone so much into that.. when you finish at aria you are automatically accepted into psu, and can finish your bsn online which is only a few classes to complete.. hope that helps
  9. by   AspiringNurse_Amber
    Does anyone know the address of the new building? Thanks!
  10. by   awarren808
    I was wondering the same. I couldn't even find it online.
  11. by   FinallyRNStatus
    @ Candi -Yes, micro A&P 2 and 2 other classes that is a really full load. Keep pushing through it! I'll look for you on fb. My laptop recently died too, but I forked over a lot of dough to have all my old files transfered to my new desktop.

    I'll add you on fb for sure.
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  12. by   FinallyRNStatus
    So say a student has a lot of pre-reqs that transfer in. Is it possible to complete some of the BSN classes you would take at psu during the nursing program so that you finish in less time?
  13. by   awarren808 can skip the psu rotations and graduate early. In my case I took all of the college courses except micro and phramacology so jackie for psu said I'll have the option to take classes towards my bsn