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  1. Hey all, new and old

    This website has been so useful during the application period when none of us knew if we would get accepted or not. It was even more helpful afterwards when we had tons of paperwork and documentation to submit.

    I'm hoping that it can continue to become a useful tool during our years here at Aria

    Invite anyone whom you know by sending them the link to the page. Hopefully we'll be able to continue supporting each other and give any knowledge we have to others as

    I already feel as though we're in school & learning already. However, we still have a few weeks left before we're on that road of headaches and stresses. :heartbeat

    PS: here's the link to our previous forum
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  3. by   bonnie90
    Good idea!
  4. by   YYKS
    ��☺ excited to start on January!
  5. by   YYKS
    This is a very good idea to start a separate forum . Even though the other one feels so... Dear and close to heart
    So anyone else has patho Monday and speech Tuesday?
  6. by   celeste27
    @all. Im super duper excited too. It was a tease these two days because it felt like we were starting already. but i'll focus on enjoying these last days off

    I have Patho & theater.
    @BONNIE! haha, i have yet to meet you =[ but what classes do you have?!
    @Kate.. yeah it is very very very dear. But i figured a fresh new start with our first semester ^^
  7. by   bonnie90
    Lol I know! I can't believe I haven't met Yoy guys yet!
    I have pathos mondays 8:30-11:30...
    And music
  8. by   Jess02
    Same here! Patho on monday mornings.
  9. by   celeste27
    awww. i have no one in my theater class that i've met yet. (
  10. by   wontgiveup
    I'll also be doing Patho (Mondays) and Music (Tuesdays) and, of course, the nursing class..woot! woot! Anybody ordered uniforms yet.. I'll do that tonight...Am only doing 2 for now + the polo shirt...
  11. by   bonnie90
    I ordered my uniforms today!
  12. by   bonnie90
    Wontgiveup.... We have the same schedule!
  13. by   wontgiveup
    @ Bonnie - That's cool!! The events are happening rather quickly, soon will be in class.
  14. by   celeste27
    thanks for reminding me! i've been working extra since i had to take off wed&thurs. i'll do it tmrw morning. 2bottoms&tops& patches for now are all ill get.

    So it seems like almost all of us at least have patho together
    during orientation some students who had patho with seaman mentioned that the book wasn't necessary to purchase. He apparently is already extra detailed in his lectures & slides. They also mentioned that he has podcasts of the lectures available.

    not sure whether i'll get it or not just yet. ill seeee.