Application for licensure or temporary practice permit?

  1. Hi-

    I am currently a RN in the state of TN, and I am moving back to PA in August. I am trying to figure out what I need to do so that I can practice in PA!!

    I have an application for licensure, but I am having trouble deciding if I need to do a temporary practice permit or a permanent licensure!? I plan on staying in PA, so I think permanent... however, I may need to retain my TN practice ability until August (I am in a NP program).

    I think I may do temporary for one year and then permanent, but its all very confusing so if anyone has insight I would greatly appreciate it!

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  3. by   elkpark
    I'm accustomed, over the years, to temporary permits being very short-term -- only good while/until the state completes your background checks and issues your permanent license -- so there would be no question of "choosing" between a temp permit or permanent license. The temporary permit is simply part of the permanent licensure process. (Of course, PA may do something entirely different -- I've never lived or worked there.)

    You don't have to give up your TN license in order to be licensed in PA -- you can maintain as many different state licenses as you want to pay for (and meet the CE requirements, etc.) You can hold your TN license, once you've moved to PA, until it expires and not bother to renew it, if you don't need it any more at that point, or, if you think you would have a reason to continue to hold the TN license, you can renew it and keep it current, even if you're living and practicing somewhere else.
  4. by   Send513
    BTW, I found out that the temporary comes in 2-3 weeks... vs the permanent which takes 4-6 weeks...

    Its just a time frame (and 35 bucks).