Anyone work at Jefferson, Penn Presby, or Temple ER?

  1. Hey y'all!

    So I am an ER trauma nurse currently working in a Level 1 trauma facility out in central Texas. I am originally from the Philly area (lived there for about two years) but was having trouble getting a job so I moved here to get experience. I am DYING to come
    home. Philadelphia and the east coasr in general is where my heart lives and I have always wanted to work in the big boy hospitals. I am just shy of a year experience (which I know isn't THAT much) and I know I still need to build up more experience. So here's my question ...

    I am interviewing at another level 1 trauma facility in Austin, it's Magnet status and a research facility associated with Univerosy of Texas. The Hospital I am at now is a level one as well, NOT Magnet status. I know they say it's all about experience (and I'm currently craving more. Our population of patients we don't see a ton of traumas on a daily basis) but I also want to make sure I am working for a hospital that going to help me ultimately reach my goal of where I want to end up ... SO ... would anyone say it's better to go to the hospital with more accreditation because it could help a little more in my future of getting to one of the Philly hospitals?
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  3. by   DextersDisciple
    No I think it's more important to have at least a full year of experience in your current position. Having been at a hospital (first job) less than one year can be a turn off to recruiters.

    As for magnet- it most likely will not help your chances. At the end of the day they care about years of Experience and a level 1 trauma center always looks good best of luck to you