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I just got accepted into LCCTC Willow Street's LPN program! I have to go to the orientation/group interview thing later this month, but I'd like to start in Jan. Anyone else here attending this... Read More

  1. by   John SPN
    Quote from janedoe2
    Not sure how nights are but JaneDoe1 hit it right on!!
    The school administration is so busy with their heads up their ass pushing people through to ensure they get grant money and graduate enough men that they let the good students who are more than capable in their clinical skills drop off because they have a personality issue with them.
    The also expect you to leave your personal feelings, morals, beliefs and entire way of life up you have been raised with and lived by up until class begins at the door when you come in.
    They hold crap against you whether it be true or not and if an instructor doesn't like it you might as well pack it up and kiss your graduation goodbye. TEACHERS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT AND THE STUDENTS ARE LIARS.
    Too bad their are not more options because of the board of nursing knew exactly what was going on and how the PN school was being run it would be have it's approval riped our from underneath it.
    Yes I graduated and passed the NCLEX the first time but that is due to my own determination not due to the quality of school I went to.
    How did you manage to focus on your studying with all of that complaining? Yes, it is difficult and yes, you will be tested; but anything worth doing is difficult. The program prepares you for the way a nurse SHOULD be. Complications seem to arise after people have yet to realize that they are in fact adults and will not/should not be coddled. The instructors expect a high level of professionalism from students at all times. If you wear your heart on your sleeve expect to have a hard time.

    Currently, I'm about half way through. Personally, I have not found the material to be overwhelming however we have lost about 6 students so far (out of 31) Those that are not moving on either had real life issues, couldn't pass the classes, or couldn't pass clinical check offs.

    I wouldn't let the above JaneDoe's discourage you from going. Is the school perfect? No, however a 98% NCLEX completion rate indicates that they have to be doing something right.

    Good luck!
  2. by   calimelle
    What type of study materials have you found helpful throughout the year so far? I have orientation next Tuesday. Do they tell you what you need as far as school supplies or do you have any suggestions for things?
  3. by   anjim11
    Is anyone attending the LCCTC for the CNA program in willow street?