Anyone else applying to P.I.T. for the January LPN program? - page 6

Is anyone else applied for this program? I just want to meet other people that may be in the class with me before it starts.... Read More

  1. by   Nellz
    Yea our clinicals may be on different days, but maybe we ll have some classes together :-). Either way I plan on starting study group with you guys, we WILL all make it through this program! Lol
  2. by   Nellz
    And yea your right, once we start working those loans will be paid off in no time.
  3. by   camiwannabeRN
    So, are you girls ready? It's just a few weeks until we start. Did everyone get their invite to orientation? My letter said that orientation is Jan. 5th at 8:30. Is everyone else's the same?
  4. by   Nellz
    Yup, got mine too. Same date and time. Im mostly stressed..because of my high monthly tuition payments that I ll have to pay on a soon to be part time salary. Met with FA last week and met a girl whos in the same boat as me; Excited bout getting in but her monthly payments are astronomical. We were both there to see what the school could do for us. And it wasnt much. :-/ So yea, im excited!..but stressed. Lol Tryna stay positive and hopeful.
  5. by   Nellz
    Has anyone been able to see what books we are supposed to get? Or is it all included in the tution cost?
  6. by   nice_lady_nurse
    Your nursing classes at PIT are transferable ?
  7. by   camiwannabeRN
    Some places are saying they are and some places are saying they aren't, so buyer beware.
  8. by   apaz123
    I'm starting o in January 2014 scared but so happy I'm alumni their I got my now my Lpn and then rn program baby