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  1. by   jlpsu
    Well I know you are all over at the facebook group, so hopefully someone checks in here to help me with my question!
    How hard was it to get accepted to Mercy SON? I'm taking all of the sciences this year at Westmoreland CC, hoping for admission to Mercy in Aug 2012.
    My highschool transcript is not good (2.4 GPA) but that was 21 years ago. I also have a bachelors degree from 1994 at Penn State (GPA 2.8...better, but not great!), and then I have ANOTHER bachelors degree from Pitt from 2003 with a 3.98 GPA (THERE it is!).
    It took me a while to figure out what I want to do in life. I will be 40 when I start nursing school next year.
    So I'm wondering if there are any other career changers out there? Hopefully Mercy will look upon my most recent college grades to see that I have clearly learned from my past educational mediocrity and can absolutely handle the work.
    I won't be done with my WCCC classes before I apply - but I"m hoping that I can at least show good midterm grades.
    My first step is passing the PSB tests, of course. I'm a nervous wreck about them because the last time I saw highschool algebra was in HIGHSCHOOl, 21 years ago. I bought 2 books to study though, and hopefully will be fine.

    So, how hard is the admissions to Mercy? It's really the only school I want to go to. My second option is the program at WCCC -but it's a distant second.

    Any insight or words of wisdom would be great!

  2. by   nagrimes
    Hi there,
    First of congrats on your new career choice. I am also a career changer with a couple degrees under my belt too. Passing the PSB test is the most important step into getting into the program but I wouldnt stress on it. I also use two nursing school study guides and scored in the 90s. Once you pass the exam, the rest of the process is a piece of cake. I would advise you to do is stay positive and take a few community college classes or CLEP out of some before Aug 2012. Unlike most colleges, MSON requires that you have taken the following courses in the past before you can CLEP out of them:
    Human Growth and Development
    I would advise you to take A&P and microbiology before you start the program. The less classes you have to take, the better life will be. I wish I did that.

    Good luck to you and I hope to see you next year!!
  3. by   javapearl
    Hello! We have all sort of been there, where you are now, and I can certainly relate. You are making the right choices by getting your ducks in a row.

    I am 40, and this too, is my second career choice. Mercy has always been my first pick, but you should not stop there, and pick close seconds and maybe thirds to apply to. It is very competitive and you may need another option, and waiting to the last minute to suddenly have to scramble to find something else is not doing to do you any good. Aim high, but be prepared to travel another road.

    Taking your sciences now are going to help a lot. It will also help with the PSB, as there is a science portion, and that may give you a leading edge in a higher score.

    When applying, be prepared to be on an emotional roller-coaster ride of emotions. There is time waiting, worrying, and wondering. Give it everything you have got, and have a lot of faith.

    The PSB is an easy exam compared to the TEAS. I am not sure how much weight is placed on the exam, but there are other addmission procedures like, a written essay, and professional references. I scored a 94% to an 88% on certain areas of the test. I did not study for the test. I found the information to be so broad and random, that you either had to know it, or not. The only thing I think you could study for is the basic algebra part. Chemistry and Anatomy you either know what they are talking about, or you don't. Those areas are so broad and vast - how could one know what they are going to even ask? In my situation I just came out of algebra 2 class, anatomy and chemistry all at the same time. That is what helped me. Relax. remain confident, and trust in yourself. Have faith and say a prayer.

    I think Mercy is fair in putting all the information together, like a puzzle and basing their decisions as a whole. My highschool transcripts were not great at all. I had family issues, and my college transcripts made up for that... so they can see how things change in people's lives.

    When you have time to think and reflect, start doodling your thoughts and ideas in regards to an essay. Things about why you want to be a nurse, and why you are choosing that school. I did not get all fancy, formal and fluffy - as that is not me. I did produce a well written, 2 page essay that spoke from the heart, as being genuine and sincere. I would suggest being yourself, and letting your inner soul and true colors shine in this part. It is a better chance for them to get to know you, through visualizing you, through your words.

    I am an organizer, and I am a visual person. I took great pride and detail in printing clearly on my applications and filling them out neatly and completely... not abbreviated address etc... go the extra mile, especially if that is who are as a person. After passing the PSB, that is when you send all the other request material in. I purchased a really nice folder and placed the requested items into high quality page protectors. I mailed them in a large postoffice envelope. When I called to confirm they had made it, the secretary was so impressed, she said she showed everyone in the office. The admission committee would not see it that way, as it was here job to reorganize the information to present to them. It all got mailed at once, clean, neat and organized... and not folded and shoved into 5 misc. envelopes. The point being, is go the extra mile. Stand out, as it your time to shine. You only really get one chance. So do it right the first time. That is what worked for me. Of course, this information may be of no help to you, once 50 other students read this and jump the band wagon.

    Good luck on the PSB... let us know how you did...and let us know when you get accepted! Best and brightest wishes to you! Let us/me know if we can be of anymore help to you. You are not alone in this journey!
  4. by   jlpsu
    Hi everyone - Thanks so much for the information! That's great!

    I bought two PSB study guides that I am going through. On the pre-test (before studying anything) I scored 90% in verbal, spelling, and math, but only 80% in science. So I really need to brush up on my science. Is it just basic chemistry, anatomy, etc...? I will be taking A&P and Microbiology starting in August, so I'm going to try to schedule my PSB for early November so that I have some of that under my belt before I take the test.
    I'm also confused as to how the PSB is scored. They say you need to be in the 65th percentile...which is obviously not the same as scoring 65%! So, if I score 90%, would that be in the 65th percentile? How do you know what your raw percentage needs to be to be in the 65% percentile...80%, 90% etc???

    I know people say not to study - but I can't go that route. I've been out of school for too long, and my last biology class was 21 years ago. So while I knew it at one point, I don't trust my 40 year old brain to be able to retrieve it! So I will definitely brush up.

    I KNOW I can do the work once I'm in the program....I handled a very rigorous computer science program at Pitt and graduated with highest honors. I can do the work. I'm just worried about getting IN!

    Thanks for your's tremendously helpful!
  5. by   jlpsu
    well after all of that....I took the PSB exam and scored from 91-99% in Math, Science, Verbal and vocational adjustment...but scored way low on the reading comp for some weird reason. I read a ton, so I am not sure what happened. I think I got really hung up on one of the passages as it was all technical jargon and I simply ran out of time. I could hardly believe it. Now, since Mercy only lets you apply if you pass all sections, I am not eligible to apply. It's very disheartening because I have a 3.9 GPA from my undergrad....I'm not an idiot. But I sure feel like one! Ugh...I talked to them and they said they haven't decided yet whether I would have to take the entire test again, or if I could just take the reading comp again. If I have to take the whole test again, forget it.

    I did get accepted for an interview at Citizens School of Nursing, which is affiliated with WPAHS and has pass rates similar to mercy. The interview is the last step there...they've already determined I'm a good candidate. So, hopefully that goes well and I will get in there. I may also apply to the local CC, but their pass rates are horrible, so I'm not sure.

    I'm so mad...because I prepared like crazy - as evidenced by my scores in the other sections, but because of the one section, I'm out. Frustrating....
  6. by   nicolesmith
    hello everyone, i was reading over this post. i am retaking the science section for mercy hospitals program. i cant seem to pass this section and its very frustrating....any suggestions!?