Another CCP Question, Community College of Philadelphia

  1. Regarding Community College of Philadelphia, I read that if you take your pre-reqs there, you get a hiring score when it comes to admission, but is it worth the extra money if I'm not a resident of Philadelphia? They charge a lot more per unit for non-residents and my other option would just be taking these courses at my local college.

    However, if it helps with admission, then I wouldn't mind shelling out more $$ to take courses there. I guess I'm just wondering how much of a difference it actually makes.

    Thanks in Advance!
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  4. by   Sarah LnDHopes
    No not really. There is a point based system (based on GPA, entrance exam, D or F grades).

    You get categorized based on whether you are a CCP student (12 credits), high school senior, other college experience, or have a bachelor's degree.

    But no matter the category, you basically have the same opportunity at earning points. And if you fit into more than one category, you get to decide which you want to be considered under.