Act 31 Child Abuse CEU: 3hr class required for initial PA LPN or RN license - page 2

Soo I had no idea this was even a requirement to.obtain initial licensure. My school never even talked about this topic when we got all of our NCLEX and scheduling information. I took my test on... Read More

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    never mind I found out for myself

    7. How many hours of child abuse recognition and reporting training do I need to obtain “initial licensure”

    from the Department of State?

    Under Act 31 of 2014, effective January 1, 2015, applicants for licensure by any of the health-related licensure Boards and the State Board of Funeral Directors must demonstrate that they have completed 3 hours of DHS-approved training in child abuse recognition and reporting. A list of DHS-approved courses is available at[COLOR=#0000ff][/COLOR].