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  1. Hi , I am a newly single mother with plans to move to philly by the ending of June. I will be going to nursing school by the latest jan 08 and my biggest concern right now is just getting guidance from someone who has been there...............What are the programmes availabe for single moms (my son will be 5 in AUG) in terms of housing, school, etc?............thanx
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  3. by   rajan2
    help me plzzzz
  4. by   fiestygirl
    I think WIC could help out. Women, Infants, and Children offers sooo many resources of which I think people are unaware. Trust me, I only found out about the financial aid aspect while doing my Community Health rotations. Here is the website. http://www.fns.usda.gov/wic/
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    Thanx for the information............. just got a chance to reply as i was studying for finals....
    does anyone know of nursing homes in philly(within 30 minutes of 19149 area code) that offer Baylor positions for C.N.As or 3-11 shifts?
  6. by   mama2girlsLPN
    I would say just look in the phone book or newspaper and start calling Nursing homes in that area and inquire about a baylor position.

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