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Pennsylvania NP License Question

by delics delics (New) New

Hi! I just graduated from an NP program in NY and am applying for my initial NP license in Pennsylvania. Apparently since I live in NY, I need to submit a New York criminal history check to PA BON. Does anyone know where I can get this done (as cheaply as possible)?



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PA BON: Criminal History Record Check (CHRC)

https://www.dos.pa.gov/ProfessionalLicensing/BoardsCommissions/Nursing/Documents/Special Notices/CHRC-Information.pdf


For CRNP and CNS Applicants:

•An official state criminal history record check (CHRC) is required from your current state of residence. For applicants living, working, or completing education in Pennsylvania, your CHRC will be generated automatically as part of your application, and the required fee will be included at checkout.

•In addition to the background check from your current state of residence, you will need to submit official state CHRCs from every state where you have lived, worked, or were educated within the last 5 years. An FBI background check can be submitted in place of state checks where you previously lived, worked or were educated. Record checks cannot be dated more than 90 days prior to the date you submit your application.

List of Contacts for State CHRCs


Requests for FBI Identity History Summary Checks:


Additionally, will need a 3hr Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting course, available online for free from Pennsylvania Child Welfare Resource Center: