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Penn Valley Metropolitan College- RN program and prereqs


Hi I was wondering if the prereqs at Metropolitan Community College are hard? I would probably be doing my prereqs at Longview in Lees Summit, MO. Are these classes hard or not really? Who are some of the best teachers to take from? Also, I know to get into the RN program they say that you should take microbiology before applying. Who are some of the good teachers for Microbiology. Please email me at neuschafer@hotmail.com to let me know. I appreciate all your help.

hi i have taken all of my pre-reqs at penn valley & some online, except for microbio which i hoping to take this fall. all of the classes were easy as long as you study, i will tell you that anatomy & phy is very HARD!!! but i survived it :yeah:only because i would practice learning the parts of the body by referencing myself & 6yr daughter haha she got a kick out of the word phalanges!! so the only classes i have left are the RNUR courses. mr martin is a good one for bio. but good luck!

This is an older post but I took my pre-req's at Blue River and Longview. At Blue River I took Chem 105 with Don Miller. He is dry and boring but a good teacher who wants you to pass. I got a B. I took A&P at BR with Mehdi Borhan. He was pretty good. I got a B in there, too. Whatever you do, don't take Debbie Seale for anything. Just trust me on that. I had originally enrolled in her Anatomy class and she was a nightmare. Anyway, I also took Psych 140 (online) and Psych 243 at BR with Kimberly Glackin and she is wonderful (got B in 140 and an A in 243). I took Micro at Longview during the summer with Jeffrey Oden...he is awesome...got an A.

I started taking pre-req's Fall of 2011, took CNA classes Dec 1-Jan 31 (state exam Feb 8), continued with pre-req classes Spring 2012, took Micro and online Psych 140 Summer 2012. I started working full time as a CNA in a hospital May 2012. I applied to Penn Valley August 2012 for the Spring start and I got in! I am currently taking Medical Terminology (online) and Math 120 at Longview (in case I hadn't gotten in to PV). It has a been a long and crazy road for sure. If you need more info feel free to email me lajj247@gmail.com Good luck!