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Pending NJ License

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I already have my license in PA and I've applied for reciprocity in NJ. Everytime I check the status on my license it says pending. I've been waiting for 7 weeks. I was wondering if I could put it on my resume as pending and apply to jobs in NJ. I've been applying for months to PA and haven't received any leads. I'm getting frustrated and worried.


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NJ is notoriously unproductive and horrible. A drive to the BON may serve you well, however nothing is guaranteed. And you can apply without a number, but I can't think of anywhere I know of in my area of NJ that will look at you.

Keep calling them, and keep a record of who you spoke to. Also look at the checklist online (you can see it when you log on to the BON website) so when you call YOU can tell THEM what items are still pending. You have to be kind but persistent. If the only unchecked item is board approval, driving to the Newark office should take care of it.

The NJ BON is extremely slow. I was told it can take up to 4 months for reciprocity. Their slowness makes one wonder how there are any nurses in that state.