Pending DWI


Hi everyone, I have a quick question if anyone is able to provide some answers. I was arrested for DUI the end of February but  was still able to take my NCLEX this month (March) since I scheduled it prior to the incident. I passed, and received my license number in NY. I hired a lawyer for my case with hopes of getting the charge brought down to something less. My question is, in the midst of all the court appearances I probably have to make in the upcoming months, do you think I would be able to apply for an RN position right now being that I have a valid state license number since I haven't been convicted of anything?  Or would submitting any type of applications before the case is resolved put out a red flag on my license? Any type of feedback will be helpful! Thanks

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I think you are fine to apply for jobs.  You have not been convicted, and, as of yet, have not had your license disciplined.  Just be sure to be honest about your pending charges, if you are asked. Most questions are stated something to  the effect of " have you been convicted of".   In the meantime I do advise that you do everything you can to show that you took this  DWI very seriously , and if you have not already, seek trearment. Go to AA meetings or some other type of sober support group.  This will go a long way in helping to re- build your credibility.