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Pellissippi Alternate List

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Hi! I just recently found out I got put on the alternate list at Pellissippi State and I was wondering if there's anyone else on here that is or have been as well.. I have so many questions! I just don't know what to expect and I am really wondering when I'll find out if I got in or not..

I am also on the list. I was told I have 11 points and you needed 12 to get in??? I've heard of one person on the list already being accepted.

Well I have 12 points and still got put on the list lol. I spoke to a lady the other day when I signed up for classes and she just told me that the average amount of points is 14 for people applying to the program.. She did make it sound like a lot of alternates actually have a chance though. She told me a lot of people don't accept the offer into the program for a lot of reasons. So yeah, if you already know of one person from the list getting accepted, that really gives us some hope!

I still have to complete A&P 2 and micro and speech so I missed a lot of the points. I'm still worried haha. Please update me if you get a acceptance email and if I hear anything I will let you know. They just started Friday emailing people.

Yeah I'm finishing A&P 2 now, I had it this semester but I still need micro and speech as well! I'm taking micro this summer. But I definitely will! And okay it's still early so hopefully we will both be getting accepted!

I am also on the alternate list. I called and was told they take alternates through July!

Okay well that's good, we have plenty of time to still be accepted, but I'm so anxious! I wish they would give us our ranking on the alternate list.. or I wonder how many is on the alternate list.

Any news on acceptance Minor? I assume with 12 points you should be getting an email any day!

I have 11 points and I haven't heard anything yet :/

No, I still haven't heard anything! I've been checking my email every single day.

I just took A&P 2 this past semester and made an A so that would put me at 14 points if they count it. I don't know if they count those points though since I got them after I applied for the program. Do you guys know if they will be counted or not? I've emailed the nursing program last week and I've yet to hear anything back from them.

No they dont count those points just the ones you had when you applied.

Hello, I applied for the fall 2018 class and I have 11 points as well and wondering if you all got into the program with being on the alternate list?

I did not get in after getting put on the alternate list sorry.

No I actually didn't get into Pellissippi. One of the people I was emailing really made it sound like I would, but i didn't. But I actually applied for LMU for this spring and got in! I start next Friday :) so even if you end up not getting in, I recommend just applying for LMU for the spring semester. LMU is great and it beats waiting another semester and summer!