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You are taking on a role of serious consequence.

You bringing this matter to the point you have is without a doubt fringing liability. YOURS!

All you are doing is adding to an already existing state that she mentioned among peers, comrades or whatever words describe your all being in this boat together.

Mgmt. would love nothing more than to sit back and watch you bicker among yourselves over non-issue items.

You! ALL OF YOU! are heading down a road that will NOT tolerate any division among the ranks.

When I entered the navy I leaned one time to many (he only allowed one) on a shipmate and he told me how it was; "You takes care of YOU, and I takes care of ME!"

If you see a comrade falter, go to their aid and convince them to go to their superiors. There is no need to be a busy body snitch.

The entire internet knows of this situation and ativan is the baby aspirin of mild anxiety, don't escalate it or YOU will blindly through a mask of concern find yourself on the defensive end of some potentially severe legal matters.

YES,by all means keep aware, but don't police her actions, nor be involved in any gossip. This will only lead to paranoia (which as you know crosses the line and is a liable matter. And invalidly caused out of your concern I may add.)


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