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I need help on writing a peer review for one of my fellow students. They go in our portfolios and I don't know where to begin! Can anyone tell me what goes into a peer review as a senior nursing student?



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What are her strenghts, what areas could use improvement. I admit that I have never written one (yet) but these are areas that I would look at.

Since this is going into her portfolio I would tread very lightly on the weaknesses and make them sound easy to correct.


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Be Honest! Honesty is what most people respect and they will more than likely appreciate your candor and feel genuinely confident with the things you praise them on. Constructive criticism no matter how delicately put will always be difficult to accept. Correct me if I'm wrong... but is this exercise more for your benefit than the peer's you are reviewing? It seems to me that your peer would be accustomed to getting criticism (and praise for that matter!) from your instructors. So it is likely that this exercise is one for you to familiarize yourself with what it will be like in the work force having to work with others. Also...when doing your review, take into consideration how your instructors treated you. What were their techniques? How did their comments affect you? What could they have done to get their point across better? What did you like about their style? These are just some suggestions... I hope everything goes well!



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Thank you! It is for MY portfolio assignment and she has to do the same for me. I think I've got it! Thanks again! :)

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