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To other students who have done peds and/or psych rotations:

Next semester, I do a rotation in peds and a rotation in psych. I'm interested to hear about others' experiences in these two areas of nursing. What did you like? What didn't you like? What was major new learning for you? What was difficult? Were your expectations different from what peds and psych nursing were really like?


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I'm interested to see responses to this post. I've got Peds and Psych as well next semester. :)


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I finished Peds today!!! Yippeee :) Peds for me was so-so because it wasn't a whole lot of hands on. We did a lot of observing. I only had 4 days where I was able to actually do everything. The preceptors are very apprehensive about students hanging meds and as you can imagine, parents aren't thrilled about a student nurse doing that either. My rotation included an observation day in a Pediatric office, a daycare, a inpatient facility for special needs kids, and the OP surgery center. Then we had a rotation through PICU, and the ICN. All in all, we did get to see a lot. I think I'm just ready to get back to adults for my final semester.

My program incorporates a little bit of psych in every semester so we haven't been bombarded with it. Psych meds were hard for me to remember for some reason. The fun part is diagnosing yourself with depression, anxiety, OCD, and ADHD all thanks to nursing school and what it's done to you :D

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